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Out On A Limb
  Shirley MacLaine

Hybrid Beings
and Walk-Ins
  Brad Steiger
  Ruth Montgomery

  Omnec Onec

Systems of Origin of
Benevolent ET Races
 Within Our Solar System
 Within Our Galaxy
  Andromeda Constellation

  Bootes Constellation
   Arcturus Star
   Korendor Planet
  Canis Major Constellation
   Sirius A Star
  Canis Minor Constellation
   Procyon Star
  Cetus Constellation
   Tau Ceti Star
  Lyra Constellation
  Orion Constellation
   M42 Nebula
  Pleiades Constellation
    Teygeta Star

 Outside of Our Galaxy
  Andromeda Galaxy
 Outside of Our Universe
DAL Universe

ETs In Their Own Words

Channeled Information

Exopolitical Sociology
  Michael Salla

  Benevolent ET Groups

This page is dedicated to the brave contactees
who share their knowledge and experiences
with an ignorant and timid world

Systems of Origin
of Benevolent ET Races

     The following star groups have been generally indicated through various contactee cases to suggest that certain benevolent groups may be visiting Earth, and engaging in peaceful contact toward Earth humanity abd certain Earth human individuals. This indication does not nor should not indicate that all beings from these systems are benevolent, as each group and individual being interacting with an Earth human should be evaluated solely on their own merits, actions and goodwill engendered.

Our Own Solar System
Beings from planets and orbiting stations within our own solar system.

Human Beings From Mars
The contact case of Helen and Betty Mitchell
   Their account was originally published in 1959, called "We Met the Space People." Two male human beings approached the Mitchell sisters in a coffee shop in May 1957, and claim to be from Mars. The men gave certain intimate family accounts only known to the sisters to prove their integrity. After a confidence is established, the men give instructions for creating a device that allows for six months of contacts to occur. In November 1957, Helen leaves in a spacecraft from a secluded Illinois woods with one of the men to a mothership, where she calls down to her sister Betty on Earth. The council of beings from Mars asked the sisters to speak out against the development and testing of atomic weapons, and that radioactivity was already spread across Earth at dangerous levels.

Beings From Jupiter
The contact case of Gloria Lee

     In the early 1950s, Gloria Lee worked as an airline stewardess based in the United States, and like many people who witnessed flying saucers during the post-World War Two UFO flaps, she became "confused with the wide variety of 'facts.' wanting to discover for herself just what it was appearing  in our skies, or who and why."
     In September of 1953, through automatic writing, Lee began receiving communications from a being who identified himself both as J.W., and as a "man from Jupiter." Eventually, her communications with J.W. evolved into a form of mental telepathy.
     In her preface, Lee retained a humbleness about the book that J.W. dictated through telepathy to her, entitled, Why We Are Here. "I did not write this book! I feel no sense of the natural pride an author may have for his book. I'm pleased I was chosen to be the instrument through which the book was written, though I have doubted the choice to be spiritually and mentally equipped enough for such a book."

Why We Are Here by Gloria Lee

     She offered a simple explanation of why she was selected for this work.
     "Few people realize. " wrote Lee, "the importance of their own consciousness (or vibration) has a great deal to do with what they receive and whom they attract."
     "Each time before I sat down to receive him, I prayed and declared that only Truth could come to me and only Truth can go from me.... I have personally come to know of many of the Truths contained in this book, but many things, I just don't know. I only hope to keep an open mind and ask you to do the same. I asked for Truth in the name of God, and I know many times, Truth is not to our liking. Knowing this, I said, whether I understand or believe it or not, is unimportant, but if it is true, put it in the book!"


Excerpts from the Extra-terrestrials in their own words


     "In the past many have tried to rule your world and were never successful. Why? Because they were destroyed by these same negative forces which they set in action. Read through your past history and many of these things will be understood if you can just see this one fact: negation eventually destroys or dissipates itself by its own action in motion!...
     This negative force they are creating is only from themselves and not from God. If you create a negative thought, you will create a force behind it. You will be receptive to it if you also hate. But if you refuse to hate and only love when this negation comes to you, it will be repelled by your love and shall turn from you and return from whence it came.
     This thought is perhaps overwhelming to some of you. Only try to consider this, if you send out thoughts of love to some one they will eventually return to you. But if you send out thoughts of hate, they will return to you. This is just a natural law of like attracting like again. If the 'like' is good, then you will attract good; but if it is hate, you will attract the evil force within the hate....
     Win them over, so to speak, with love and not fear, and you will be the conqueror-- with love and not with bombs. This is why I wish to tell you these things. It is most important for you to understand not to continue to create a negative thought form of your 'enemies.' You can't help attract it by continually building a field of receptivity for their evil force.
     Bombs could not affect you in any way if you dispel their evil force with love. When you create hate, you will be releasing the very bombs that fall on you. Create a thought of love for these people and you cannot be wounded by their bombs. You can protect yourselves with a shield of love around you. Evil cannot penetrate this shield. They do not understand what love is. Love will protect as well as rule for this is law too."


Andromeda Galaxy and Constellation
Humans and non-Humans from the Andromeda Constellation
and the Andromeda Galaxy

Beings from Andromeda Constellation
Details of this contact case is to be found on the Alex Collier page.

Alex Collier Volume One
Alex Collier Volume One, 1994

Beings from Andromeda Constellation
The contact case of Prof. R.N. Hernandez

UFO Contact From Andromeda Prof R N

Andromeda Robert Shapiro

Beings from Andromeda Galaxy
The contact case of anonymous engineer in Brazil, under pseudonym Captain Bill

Mythi From Andromeda Galaxy
An alleged contactee with a being from Andromeda that began in 2010.
For complete transcripts of all postings by this contactee, visit this link.
To see the videos, click on the image above.

Bootes Constellation (Arcturus star)
Beings from Arcturus in the Bootes constellation

Beings from Arcturus
The contact case of Dr. Norma J. Milanovich

   "The Arcturians," from the book's back cover,  "speaking through Norma, have sent Earthlings a gentle message regarding their purpose for being here. They claim they are here to assist Earth as it enters a New Age of spirituality. They cannot interfere with the free will or decision-making process of any Earthling, but are here to educate and help raise the vibrations of all who choose to journey to the new dimension the Earth is entering. They are also 'commissioned' to help us understand the true nature of God, ourselves, and the universes."

We The Arcturians by Dr Norma J
"We, The Arcturians" by Norma J. Milanovich

   This book brings much information that only seems can be confirmed by one's own heart. The information does have spiritual and strong Christian undertones that may disengage some readers. The Arcturian information is less concerned with technological information, and concentrates more on sharing a common universal spiritual heritage. This book could have a profound effect on your thinking about the motivations of certain extra-terrestrial groups.

New Section Coming Soon:

Exopolitical Sociology

    Michael Salla's

                      On A Limb by Shirley MacLaine

      Shirley MacLaine's landmark, paradigm-shattering, cultural taboo-breaking bestseller, "Out On A Limb," and its subsequent TV mini-series proved, in the most profound way since the Giant Rock gatherings of the 1950s, that it can be worth the ridicule endured to lead and help usher in an era of even greater openness for all people to openly discuss the often-overlooked subject of human contact with benevolent extra-terrestrials.
      While the major media has been dominantly producing entertainment portraying most extra-terrestrials as violent and aggressive toward human beings, MacLaine introduced, via the David character, the disguised case of Charles A. Silva, a contactee from South America, who was being visited by a peaceful, enlightened female extra-terrestrial who claimed that she and her other companions were visiting Earth from the Pleiades constellation. During this same period in the late 1970s, there was another ongoing Pleiadian contact case in Switzerland involving a farmer named Eduard Meier. MacLaine spent many days visiting both contactees, Meier and Silva, in her personal quest for understanding the phenomenon.
       MacLaine would go on to privately study many Pleiadian contact cases from around the world, while many human beings are just waking up to the fact that there are many benevolent extra-terrestrial races inter-acting with Earth humanity.
       Shirley MacLaine can be given large credit for her bravery in paving the way for other prominent personalities and average people with less to lose to share their metaphysical and extra-terrestrial experiences with the world.


    Hybrid Beings
    (part Earth human, part extra-terrestrial)

     There are numerous cases of people who feel they have been contacted by benevolent extra-terrestrial beings. Often, these contactees discover that they themselves are 'hybrid' beings, part-human and part-extra-terrestrial.
    Not only are there benevolent extra-terrestrial races visiting and assisting humanity in an attempt to raise the frequency of all the beings on Earth so that we may join their inter-galactic alliance of beings whose societies are respectful, kind, scientifically curious, technologically-advanced, spiritually wise and love-oriented, but there are also many of those same beings living and breathing among us. A large percentage of off-planet beings are humanoid, just like us in physical appearance, yet possessing greater self-knowledge, discernment and analytical abilities because they were educated and elevated by their societies, and not dumbed down as is common here on Earth. Furthermore, some of the extraterrestrials have interbred with Earth human beings, adding their genetic material (DNA) to certain Earth human offspring, sometimes referred to as "hybrids," and oftentimes for several generations within the same family units.

The Star People by Brad
                    and Francie Steiger
Star People by Brad & Francie Steiger (1981)

     From the book by Brad and Francie Steiger, who both claim to be Star People: "Are you ever homesick for a place you've never been? Do you have an uncommon blood type or unusual dreams? Is your body temperature lower, your intelligence slightly higher than normal? Thousands of men and women like yourself are discovering that they are actual descendants of visitors from the stars, sent to guide humanity into a new Golden age. Star People are all around us, almost indistinguishable from ordinary humans until they awaken to their true identity and destiny."
     These individuals often have had contact with alien entities since childhood. Another common characteristic is that they persistently dream about star beings, and situations in which they find themselves interacting with these beings from off-planet. While these qualities are vague and general in nature, the book Star People goes into much greater detail analyzing the qualities of scores of individuals who may share a certain commanlity: that they are from both Earth and another world.


Aliens Among Us by
                        Ruth Montgomery

Strangers Among Us by Ruth Montgomery


"UFO: From Venus I Came"
an autobiography by Omnec Onec, a.k.a. Sheila Schultz

      This is the UFO contact case of a beautiful hairdresser who claimed that she was a walk-in extra-terrestrial from Venus. "From Venus I Came" is Omnec's history of her life on Venus, and the events of her life that continued on Earth after re-inhabiting the body of a young girl who had just been killed in a freak bus accident that was foreseen by her elders on Venus. Her "walking-in" was for purposes explained in this stunning and controversial account.

Other Systems of Origin

Canis Major Constellation (Sirius A and B and C stars)
Beings from Sirius A and B and C of the Sirius star system in the constellation Canis Major

For information on this vast collective of beings,
please visit the Sirians page

Canis Minor Constellation (Procyon star)

Humans from Procyon a.k.a. Alpha Canis Minoris
in the constellation Canis Minor

Cetus Constellation (Tau Ceti star)
Humans from Tau Ceti in the Cetus Constellation

DAL Universe
Humans from an "alternate universe."
For more information, visit the DAL Universe entry

"UFO Contact From The DAL Universe of Asket of the Timmers Society"
by Eduard "Billy" Meier and Wendelle C. Stevens (e-book format)

Asket of the DAL Universe
 This controversial photo is claimed to be taken by Billy Meier,
who also claims to have been in regular contact,
 and have had visitations with this traveller between worlds.

Korendor Planet


Located relative to Bootes and Coma Berenices (to right)
(inside the crudely drawn red circle that I tried to draw
as a novice at Photoshop. Sorry-- Rick.)

     A brief description of the beings from Korendor, from Bob Renaud's unpublished contact of 11-12 July 1987:
     "This is your 'new' Korendian body as of your last replica visit to our lovely little world. So, what do you think?" He looked over at me, and apparently noticed my stunned expression, because he leaned back in the seat and just smiled.
     I studied that image for a long time. He was right. It was ugly. It was expectedly short, although Orii told me it was somewhat taller than the average, and solidly constructed for their gravity, which is 3.2 times that of Earth. The eyes were about the same size ratio to the head as ours, and placed at about the same location on the face. They were deep blue, almost indigo, with smaller pupils because of Korena's light being about 1/6 brighter at the Korendian surface than our sun's on Earth. There were no discernible eyebrows (or in fact any hair at all). The skull structure over the eyes protruded more than a Terran's, perhaps to shade the eyes from overhead sunlight.
    The ears were smaller in relation to the head than ours, lobeless and distinctly peaked at the top. They were pressed almost flat against the head. The nose was small, with slit nostrils. The mouth was slit-like, with lips that were less pronounced than ours, and slightly narrower in proportion to the jaw. It was curled upward in what on Korendor must pass for a smile.
     The head was rounded, with a larger cranial cavity (comparatively) than a Terran's, and with concavity in the cheeks that started at the lower jaw and ended in front of the ears. The neck was thick and sinewy, again an effect of higher gravity. The torso was compact and powerfully muscular. The arms and legs were at about the same ratio of length to body height as ours, but were heavier and very well developed.
     The hands were proportionate to ours, but with slightly longer fingers and a discernable webbing between the thumb and the rest of the hand. As with the rest of the body, it appeared to be quite strong. The skin was very smooth. It was what we would call "white" in color, but with a "tanned" appearance not unlike what one would see on any California beach."

For further information on this case,
visit the UFO Hypotheses'
Korendor page

Lyra Constellation
Humans from the Lyra Constellation (ancient past)

M42 Nebula
Beings from the M42 Nebula from the Orion Constellation

Pleiades Constellation (Teygeta star)

For information on this vast collective of beings,
please visit the Pleiadians page

4 Pleiadian Craft
Four Pleiadian Spacecraft
as photographed by Eduard Meier in the mid-1970s

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