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Pleiades Constellation
  Teygeta Star
    Planet Erra

U.S. UFO Investigators
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Pleiades Photo Books
That Shocked The World
  UFO Contact From The Pleiades Volume One
UFO Contact From The Pleiades Volume Two
  'Contact' documentary

Best Material
Light Years
UFO Contact From The Pleiades: A Preliminary Report

UFO Contact From The Pleiades: Supplementary Report
The Essence of the Notes

Other Pleiadian Contact Cases

Shirley MacLaine

Eduard "Billy" Meier

Messages From The Pleiades

The Pleiadians

This page is dedicated to the loving energies
of those higher-dimensional,
benevolent extra-terrestrials that
have connection to the Pleiades constellation

ETs from Pleiades Constellation
(Taygeta star)

      By description in the Meier case, the beings from the Pleiades are humans, and the principal contact, Semjase, who was visiting Meier claimed connection to the Pleiades Constellation star Taygeta, and its planet Erra.


Open Cluster M-45 in Taurus:  The Pleiades from

  U.S. UFO Investigators Go To Switzerland
      Wendelle Stevens, Lee and Brit Elders and
      Tom Welch become primary investigators

Brit and Lee Elders, Eduard Meier, and Wendelle Stevens
during investigations at Meier's home in Switzerland

Information on investigation team:
Wendelle Stevens page

Lee Elders on the Meier Contacts (YouTube, 125 minutes)

CIA intrusion on Meier case part 1 (YouTube)
CIA intrusion on Meier case part 2 (YouTube)
CIA intrusion on Meier case part 3 (YouTube)

                  Pleiades Photo Books
               That Shocked The World

               UFO Contact From The Pleiades Volume One

UFO Contact From The Pleiades Volume Two

   and the investigative journalism triumph,
      the documentary on Meier: "Contact"


Click on this link to watch Contact documentary
and an alternate link for Contact



Movie Footage DVD


'Contact' documentary outtakes DVD

Best Material from the Eduard "Billy" Meier Pleiades contact case in Switzerland

    Here are some helpful summaries regarding the Pleiades and contactee Eduard Meier:

"More about Meier" from ANGELFIRE.COM

The Pleiadians according to LETTERS FROM ANDROMEDA
by Collier and Robinson

Token Rock on Pleiadians

AngelFire on Pleiadians

    Listed below are several of the best sources of information on the Eduard Meier/Pleiades contact case investigation:



Light Years
by Gary Kinder


UFO Contact From The Pleiades: A Preliminary Report
by Wendelle C. Stevens


UFO Contact From The Pleiades: A Supplementary Report
by Wendelle C. Stevens
[links to YouTube presentations of this book]



The Essence of the Notes
prepared by Maurice Osborn

Other Pleiadian
Contacts Cases

Note of Caution:
There also appears to be a great deal of  commercialization of so-called Pleiadian information via various channelers, as well as capitalization of the Pleiadian name and Meier's FIGU organization by individuals with a profit and ego motive. Alternately, there is an abundance of skeptics' dis-information and debunking out there as well. And then there is also the genuine article, so beware and aware..

Charles A. Silva

Connected to Shirley MacLaine as referenced via the composite character David from "Out On A Limb," a powerful book  in her autobiography series. Silva's real life experiences with an ET from the Pleiades while Silva lived in Peru even has some comical moments, which is not as common as you might think.                '

Barbara Marciniak

Marciniak's website

The Pleiadian Book by Marciniak

Marciniak has influenced the nineteen nineties X-Files and New Age crowds with her timely information about human Pleiadians and issues with an opposing group of reptilian beings Marciniak called "Lizzies" as in lizards. She has channeled much before large audiences, and is a sought after lecturer.



Barbara Hand Clow





Jani King





Fred Bell



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Eduard "Billy" Meier

     Eduard "Billy" Meier, a one-armed farmer from humble means has been able to take the clearest, most detailed photographs and movie footage of flying saucers in public hands in known history.

Eduard "Billy" Meier
The most challenging UFO case to modern science, economics and religion

Meier meets Asket of the DAL Universe

     As a young man, Eduard "Billy" Meier began experiencing contacts with a female cosmonaut, named Asket, who said that she came from what she called the DAL Universe, a counterpart universe to ours, and the reason for which we exist.
     Asket led Meier through all of the world's great religions, and Meier became a lay teacher of each, in preparation for his future role in disseminating Pleiadian understanding to Earth humanity. Asket took Meier to the very doors of death on a number of occasions to prepare him for his future role with visitors from the Pleiades.

Asket of the DAL Universe
 This controversial photo is claimed to be taken by Billy Meier,
who also claims to have been in regular contact,
 and have had visitations with this traveller between worlds.

"UFO Contact From The DAL Universe
of Asket of the Timmers Society"

by Eduard Meier and Wendelle C. Stevens
[Note: This book was only published by Stevens as an e-book]

A free version:

The Meier Photo Galley

Eduard Meier UFO Photo India circa 1964

Meier photos taken in India circa 1964,
while Meier
lived in an ashram in India


     Even during this period of Meier's life, which was eleven years prior to when the Pleiadians first made contact with Meier, word was leaking out to the public about the strange relationship that Meier had with UFOs. Among the earliest reports of Meier's unusual association to UFOs is the following published newspaper article from the New Dehli Journal dated September 30, 1964. The article refers to Edward Albert, an anglicized version of his full name, Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier.


     An early witness to this period in Meier's life is Phobal Cheng. She has publicly gone on record as supporting Meier's claims about his life during this period of time when Asket was preparing Meier for a more intense period of contact which would begin just over a decade later. Years later in 1994, Meier sent this fax to UFO investigator Wendelle Stevens, who had learned of Cheng and had updated Meier. In the fax, Meier verifies that many of the photos like the two above, "about 300 photographs" in total,  had been seized and stolen from Meier by secret police from the country of Jordan.


Selected Images and Themes from the Semjase contact period starting in 1975

The Landing Tracks of a Pleiadian Beamship

4 Pleiadian Craft
Four Pleiadian Spacecraft
as photographed by Eduard Meier in the mid-1970s

     Meier is probably the world's most famous contactee, having shared with the world over forty years on ongoing contact dialogue, Earth history,  photographs, film footage, and information transmitted to Meier by this race of E.T. beings. His contacts are still ongoing. Presently, the volume of contact notes exceeds many thousands of pages.

                                  Meier photo

One of hundreds of Meier photos,
 this photo of two Pleiadian Ships is described as "Ober Zelg"


Three additional documentaries by the
Primary Investigation Team


"Beamship: The Meier Chronicles"


"Beamship: The Movie Footage"


"Beamship: The Metal"

     After the first several years of contact became publicly known, an organization developed around Meier called FIGU, whose mixed motivations complicated things for UFO researchers trying to gain access to Meier. FIGU began acting as an intermediary through which all people had to be screened before getting an audience with Meier. FIGU began publishing and controlling the dissemination of contact material that Meier was accumulating in his ongoing contacts.

Randolph "Randy" Winters
UFO researcher



"The Pleiadian Mission" by Randy Winters

     Meier even claims to have numerous opportunities to travel the galaxy with these human E.T.s from planets around the star Teygeta in the Pleiades Constellation who apparently remain in contact with Meier even to this day.

Randy Winters on Meier's Pleiadians
Tape One (94 minutes)
Tape Two (93 minutes)
Tape Three (93 minutes)
Tape Four (84 minutes)
Tape Five (92 minutes)
Tape Six (94 minutes)
Tape Seven (92 minutes)
Tape Eight (113 minutes)
Tape Nine (113 minutes)
Tape Ten (94 minutes)
Tape Eleven (92 minutes)
Tape Twelve (92 minutes)
Tape Thirteen (91 minutes)
Tape Fourteen (93 minutes)
Tape Fifteen (91 minutes)

Billy Meier visits Jmmanuel 1 of 2 (46 minutes)
Billy Meier visits Jmmanuel 2 of 2 (46 minutes)

Messages From The Pleiades:
Volumes One through Four

collected by Eduard Meier, published by Wendelle C. Stevens

Messages From The Pleiades: Volume One
[Contacts 1 to 35: January 28, 1975 to September 16, 1975]

Meier's First Contact read aloud (YouTube)
Contact One, January 28, 1975
Contact Four, Feb 15, 1975
Excerpts from other 1975 Contacts

Messages From The Pleiades: Volume Two
[Contacts 36 to 55: October 20, 1975 to June 14, 1976]

More Contacts from 1975 and 1976

Messages From The Pleiades: Volume Three
[Contacts 56 to 76:  June 23, 1976 to May 23, 1977 ]

More Volume Three Contacts From 1976 to 1978

Meier's Contactee Information From 'Messages 3'
Regarding an Alliance with Andromeda:

   Semjase of Teygeta's words to Meier on the 70th Contact from 1977,
   regarding the High Council of the Andromeda Star System

       I think that this passage should clarify certain relationships and alliances for researchers, representatives, and interested individuals who are seeking a direct, first-hand extraterrestrial statement from the Earth liason, cosmonaut and distant relative to many human beings, Semjase of Erra of Teygeta of the Pleiades, the E.T. associate of Eduard "Billy" Meier, from their seventieth (70th) contact, which occured just after midnight on Thursday, January 6 1977.
      In my view, it is a beautiful passage, and very hopeful, and mind-expanding considering the scope of physical and photographic evidence in the Meier case centering on a one-armed, long-bearded farmer from Switzerland who took some of the clearest photos of flying saucers in modern history.
       The history of the alliance between Teygeta Pleiadians from Erra and a multitude of benevolent, highly-spiritual, friendly and diverse species goes back to 26 A.D. by western calendars, and 1951 according to the calendar Semjase used, which always calculated the current year as zero, and counts back the number of years to a particular event, keeping a psychological focus and perspective on the current year as the relative focus, rather than any event from the past. I find this interesting.
       This alliance includes a deep friendship and trust between the Pleiadians and "beings in Andromeda" star system who hold a "High Council," and who "should guide" and offer "high advice" due to "their gigantic knowledge and wisdom."

From "Messages From The Pleiades, Volume Three" pgs. 255-256

Messages Top
Messages Bottom


Messages From The Pleiades: Volume Four
[Contacts 76 to 106: May 23, 1977 to April 10, 1978]

A Sampling of
Other Meier Publications


'The Meditation' by Meier


'The Psyche" By Meier



Talmud of Jmmanuel by Meier

Meier's relationship to the Talmud of Jmmanuel from

Additional Material on the Pleiadians
published by Wendelle Stevens

Earth Humanity In Evolution: The Meier Prophecies"
by Michael Hooten and Wendelle Stevens

Earth Cosmology: The Effects Of The Giant
"Destroyer" Comet
by Larry Driscoll and Wendelle Stevens

Other Useful Meier-related Sites (magazine article archive) (video archive)
The Future of Mankind
Project Avalon Meier Ptaah Video Thread

Rick's Thoughts

Out On A Limb by Shirley

      Shirley MacLaine's landmark, paradigm-shattering, cultural taboo-breaking bestseller, "Out On A Limb," and its subsequent TV mini-series proved, in the most profound way since the Giant Rock gatherings of the 1950s, that it can be worth the ridicule endured to lead and help usher in an era of even greater openness for all people to openly discuss the often-overlooked subject of human contact with benevolent extra-terrestrials.
      While the major media has been dominantly producing entertainment portraying most extra-terrestrials as violent and aggressive toward human beings, MacLaine introduced, via the David character, the disguised case of Charles A. Silva, a contactee from South America, who was being visited by a peaceful, enlightened female extra-terrestrial who claimed that she and her other companions were visiting Earth from the Pleiades constellation. During this same period in the late 1970s, there was another ongoing Pleiadian contact case in Switzerland involving a farmer named Eduard Meier. MacLaine spent many days visiting both contactees, Meier and Silva, in her personal quest for understanding the phenomenon.
       MacLaine would go on to privately study many Pleiadian contact cases from around the world, while many human beings are just waking up to the fact that there are many benevolent extra-terrestrial races inter-acting with Earth humanity.
       MacLaine can be given large credit for her bravery in paving the way for other prominent personalities and average people with less to lose to share their metaphysical and extra-terrestrial experiences with the world.