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Earth Archaeology, Ancient History and Human Evolution

    "Lemuria and Atlantis: Studying The Past To Survive The Future," by Shirley Andrews
    "Towards a New Alchemy: The Millennium Science," by Nick Begich
    "Extraterrestrial Visitations from Prehistoric Times to the Present," by Jacques Bergier (1970)
    "Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds," by Charles Berlitz
    "The Mystery of Atlantis," by Charles Berlitz
    "The Gods of Eden," by William Bramley (1989)
    "The Greatest Story Never Told," by Lana Cantrell
    "One Hundred Thousand Years of Man's Unknown History," by Robert Charroux (1963)
    "Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients," by David Hatcher Childress
    "Paradox: The Case For The Extraterrestrial Origin of Man," by John Philip Cohane (1977)
    "Did Spacemen Colonise the Earth?" by Robin Collyns (1974)
    "Lost Tomb of Viracocha," by Maurice Cotterell

   "God Drives A Flying Saucer," by R.L. Dione (1969)
    "The Book of the Damned," by Charles Fort (1919)
    "Psychic Archaeology: Time Machine To The Past," by Jeffrey Goodman
    "Lines to the Mountain Gods: Nazca and the Mysteries of Peru," by Evan Hadingham

    "Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins," by Arthur David Horn with Lynette Anne Mallory-Horn
    "In Search of Ancient Mysteries," by Alan and Sally Landsburg
    "The Outer Space Connection," by Alan and Sally Landsburg
    "Colony: Earth," by Richard Mooney (1974)
    "Coming of the Gods," by Jean Sendy
    "Those Gods Who Made Heaven and Earth," by Jean Sendy (1969)
    "Divine Encounters,"
by Zecharia Sitchin
    "Genesis Revisted," by Zecharia Sitchin
    "The 12th Planet,"
by Zecharia Sitchin (1976)
    "The Lost Realms,"
by Zecharia Sitchin
    "The Stairway To Heaven," by Zecharia Sitchin
    "The Wars Of Gods And Men," by Zecharia Sitchin
    "When Time Began," by Zecharia Sitchin
    "Super Scientists of Ancient Atlantis & Other Unknown Worlds," by Brad and Sherry Steiger
    "Hitler's Treasure of the Ancient World," by Wendelle C. Stevens
    "The Sirius Mystery,"  by Robert K.G. Temple (1976)
    "Alien Identies," by Richard Thompson (1993)
    "We Are Not The First," by Andrew Tomas (1971)
    "The Home of the Gods," by Andrew Tomas (1972)
    "Temple of the Stars," by Brinsley LePoer Trench (1962)
    "Mystery of the Ancients: Early Spacemen and the Mayas," by Craig and Eric Umland (1974)
    "Chariots of the Gods?" by Erich Von Daniken (1968)
    "Gods From Outer Space," by Erich Von Daniken
    "Gold of the Gods,"
by Erich Von Daniken
    "In Search of Ancient Gods,"
by Erich Von Daniken
    "Miracles of the Gods,"
by Erich Von Daniken
    "Pathways to the Gods," by Erich Von Daniken
    "The Return of the Gods," by Erick Von Daniken
    "Von Daniken's Proof,"
by Erich Von Daniken
    "Pole Shift," by John White
    "Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon," by Don Wilson (1975)
    "The Monuments of Mars," by Richard Hoagland (1987)

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Environmental News

News Source: Earthfiles
Resource: WeatherWars
News Source: PhysOrg


Earthquake Activity

Reports of High Magnitude Earthquakes
& Volcanic Activity
with emphasis on possible effects on nuclear power plants

Resource: USGS Real-Time Earthquakes Page
Resource: Live Earthquakes Map
Resource: Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Resource: IRIS Seismic Monitor
News Source: Before Its News Earthquake Page
News Source: Earthquake Report
UFO Hypotheses Article, April 2009: Ring of Fire Unusually Active This April 2009

Earthquake-associated Nuclear News
News: October 16, 2012: Ground, Fukushima Number 4 Reactor Near Collapse
News: November 22, 2011: Fukushima 'China Syndrome Is Inveitable'
News: November 22, 2011: Fukushima Architect warns of Hydrovolcanic Explosion
News: November 4, 2011: Number 2 Reactor at Fukushima is experiencing a chain reaction,
and is emitting xenon-133 and xenon-135 radioactive gas

Analysis: October 13, 2011: Solar Eruptions and Nuclear Reactors
News: October 13, 2011: Radiation Hotspots Detected in Tokyo, Yokohama
News: October 3, 2011: Ten Most Radioactive Places in the World
News: Sept 30, 2011: Reactors Could Fail During Earthquake
News: September 17, 2011: Asia's Growing Addiction to Nuclear Energy
News: September 8, 2011: US Nuclear Saftey Regulators now admit East Coast 5.8 Quake shook Virginia nuclear plant twice as hard as designed to withstand
News: September 2, 2011: US Government now admits U.S. nuclear reactors are more vulnerable to earthquakes "than previously thought"
News: August 15, 2011: Fukushima Radiation Detected in San Diego

Earthquake and Environment Analysis
Analysis: Dutch Sinse Earthquake Analysis
Analysis: Extinction Protocol
Analysis: Stan Deyo

March 21, 2012
6.7 Earthquake in New Guinea, Papau New Guinea

New Guinea Earthquake
                  March 21 2012

   A major earthquake has hit New Guinea again, following yesterday's 5.7, and the 6.4 from March 14th. Also, earthquake reporter Dutch Sinse is reporting that Google has suspended his account as of today, and Terral Croft is reporting that six members of his reporting team are "under attack." The timing of all of this, just after Croft's press release from Sunday the 18th predicting these events, seems very suspicious. Both earthquake reporters have tied the U.S. government HAARP Project to earthquakes.
Especially disturbing is the emergency drill that was staged in the state of Chiapas, Mexico for an earthquake of magnitude 7.9, when the 7.8 earthquake struck in the nearby state of Guerrero only two minutes difference from the simulation drill. Add to this strange confluence of events that Obama's daughter was visiting in the area of the earthquake.

Mexico Earthquake Drill
                  March 20 2012

March 20, 2012

7.4 to 7.9 Earthquake rattles Southern Mexico
   A major earthquake has hit southern Mexico, centered in Oaxaca, and reaching Acapulco and Mexico City. See this L.A. Times page for videos and photos from the incident, as well as this article from London's Daily Mail. By the last account, over eight hundred homes were damaged by this quake.

March 19, 2012
Obama Makes Executive Order on March 16, 2012:
National Defense Resources Preparedness
   As unbelievable as it sounds, Pres. Barack Obama has signed an executive order that may be paving the way for peactime martial law in the United States. On March 16th, he signed the "National Defense Resourches Preparedness" order as law.
You can view the list of Obama executive orders and keep an eye on future press releases from the White website.

March 19, 2012
Earthquake prediction related to CW Leonis
   A small group of non-professional earthquake analysts out of St. Petersbug, Florida have offered a press release on March 18th, and are expecting a major earthquake to occur by Thursday, March 22, 2012.
   Here is the statement by Terral Croft:


St. Petersburg, Florida – Our researchers have discovered a pattern of seismicity going back to 1965 that has transitioned into large magnitude events including Earth axis shifts on a regular 188-day cycle. The most-recent events include the February 27, 2010 8.8 event in Chile, the September 4, 2010 7.1 event at Christchurch, New Zealand, the September 15, 2011 7.3 event in Fiji and the March 11, 2011 9.0 Japan event. The next timeline event is expected to take place according to our calculations on March 22, 2012 at 4:58:34 UTC, when Earth will pass through the gravity trough connecting the Sun and a heavy-mass object (HMO) being tracked out of the Leo Constellation. The Earth axis is expected to shift five to six inches like the four-inch shift with Japan event and the three-inch shift with the Chile event.

Saturn is currently in the Virgo Constellation next door to the Leo Constellation where the ringed planet also passed between the Sun and this HMO to develop an extra ring and the super storm now raging in the northern hemisphere. The evidence indicates that Jupiter’s liquefying core, Venus’ slowing rotation with Mars’ and Uranus’ increased seismicity are all perturbations associated with our inbound HMO. The last time Saturn experienced this storm type was thirty years ago, when the planet passed between the Sun and Leo Constellation. Our team is also tracking the U.S. Government response to these threats, which includes Presidential, NASA, DHS and FEMA Preparations.

Our research team anticipates that HAARP multi-frequency wave signatures will begin transmitting on March 19, 2012 at 4:58:34 UTC precisely seventy two hours prior to the expected event. The team also expects to see increased four to six magnitude quake swarm activity at the ‘event’ location. Everyone living in or around a seismic area should be warned to brace for one of the top five seismic events in recorded history on March 22, 2012 right around the equinox."
[End of press release]

Observation: October 24, 2011
        Hypothesis of Cause (video): Jupiter-Aligning Earthquakes and Solar Flares    See Also Hypothesis of additional Cause: Earthquake-producing nuclear detonations to gain advantage in geo-political control, espoused by Benjamin Fulford, or  HAARP

Earthquakes Quiet October 24 2011
                except Mediterranean
October 24, 2011 9:30am Tucson time
What I have found odd is that the earthquakes have been quiet
for most of the last 24 hours on the Asian side of the Ring of Fire,
and along the western South American coast,
but instead concentrated and repeated tremors are occurring
along the Mediterranean faults in Turkey and Greece

Updated November 15, 2011
Commentary: October 16, 2011 by Rick Keefe
  Since following earthquake data, I have noticed a trend by the USGS (United States
Geological Survey) that indicates a pattern of their office downgrading earthquake magnitudes, after the "event has been reviewed by a seismologist."
  Here are four recent examples:
    *The Russia quake of October 14 2011 was downgraded from a published 6.6 to 6.1
    *The Oregon quake of October 12, 2011 was downgraded from 5.9 to 5.3.
    *The Vancouver quake of September 9, 2011 was downgraded from a 6.7 to a 6.4.
    *The Alaska quake of September 2, 2011 was downgraded from a 7.1 to a 6.8.
  There have been numerous others that I have seen downgraded from 0.1 to 0.3 magnitudes,
and I have not seen a single event that was upgraded in magnitude. I have found this
reporting very unscientific, unsettling, highly irresponsible, and even criminal.
  Today, I discovered this article: Why the Lake Mead earthquakes Should Give You
and am appalled to find that the USGS is deleting earthquakes from its
database, and under-reporting at best. This is a large signal that those higher in authority
are purposely mis-informing the public about the growing scale of seismic disturbances.
   Update November 15, 2011: Here is another example of earthquake data manipulation through USGS data sources, caught live by an observer on November 5, 2011 as the Oklahoma Earthquakes were occurring.

Commentary: October 6, 2011 by Rick Keefe
   Already since October 5th, there has been a climb in the magnitude of earthquakes back
into the 5+ and 6+ range, and numerous volcanoes including the Canary Islands El Hierro, Iceland's Katla Volcano, Indonesisa's Anak Krakatau Volcano, Costa Rica's Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, and Italy's Mount Etna Volcano are showing intense increased seismic activity and reactivation from dormancy.
If Comet Elenin, or any larger object associated with its path, is actually affecting the geo-magnetics on Earth and between the Earth and
the Sun and thus affecting solar flares, eathquakes and volcanoes, then using the
JPL and NASA Elenin Tracking Model, it appears that the period between October 15th and 19th,
2011 has the potential to be more dangerous in terms of large-scale events. And if HAARP
is a contributing factor or amplifier in any way, then we must put forth as much positive and gentle energy as possible, so that all dangerous effects are diminshed to whatever degree that our positive and healing energy can effect such events.

Major Eathquake Events
Event: November 29, 2011: 6.0 Luzon, Philippines (depth 9 miles)
Event: November 28, 2011: 6.4 Papua, New Guinea   (depth 31 miles)
Event: November 24, 2011: 6.2 near Hokkaido, Japan (depth 26 miles) JT  VOA
Event: November 23, 2011: 6.1 near Honshu, Japan (depth 20 miles)

Event: November 22, 2011: 6.2 (revised from 6.7) Beni, Bolivia (depth 331 miles) CNN
Event: November 20, 2011: 5.9 Myanmar (depth 75 miles) TOI
Event: November 18, 2011: 6.0 Off New Zealand Coast (depth 16 miles)
Event: November 15, 2011: 6.2 Papua, Indonesia (revised down to 5.8 by USGS)
                                               (depth 5 miles) AP  Xinhua
Event: November 14, 2011: 6.3 Molucca Sea  (depth 12 miles)
Event: November 9, 2011: 5.6 Van, Turkey (depth 3 miles) 40 dead WB
Event: November 7, 2011: 6.9 Northeast of Taiwan (depth 130 miles)  CNN
Event: November 5, 2011: 5.6 Shawnee, Oklahoma (depth 3 miles) LATimes  ABC  NYTimes

Event: November 2, 2011: 6.2 Pacific-Antarctic Ridge (depth 1 mile)
Event: November 1, 2011: 6.3 (revised from 6.5) Revilla Gigedo Islands, Mexico (depth 3 miles)
Event: October 31, 2011: 6.1 Northern Xinjiang, China (depth 10 km)
Event: October 28, 2011: 6.9 (revised from7.0) Lima, Peru (depth 15 miles) Bloomberg
Event: October 26, 2011: 6.0 Fiji Region (depth 380 miles)   

Event: October 23, 2011: 7.3 (revised from 7.5) Van,Turkey  (depth 4 miles) Video Analysis

Turkey 7.5
                    Earthquake October 23 2011
Turkey 7.5 to 7.6 earthquake, October 23 2011
600+ Dead
BNO  Atlanta Journal  Haaretz  Yeshiva  Wire Update
The Journal  Channel 6  Washington Post  LA Times
Telegraph UK  SkyTurk (video)

Turkey Earthquake Aftershocks Table October 23
Link to Aftershocks in this region of Turkey
Additional link to earthquakes in last thirty days in Central Asia

Event: October 21, 2011: 7.4 (revised from 7.5) Kermadec Islands region (depth 20 miles)
Event: October 21, 2011: 6.1 Hokkaido, Japan (depth 115 miles)
Event: October 21, 2011: 4.0 (revised from 4.2) San Francisco, CA (depth 5 miles) Berk CSM
Event: October 20, 2011: 4.8 Cambellton, Texas (depth 2 miles) SAE
Event: October 17, 2001: 6.0 Papau New Guinea (depth 13 miles)
Multiple Events: October 15-16, 2011,
a swarm of larger events worldwide:
            October 15: 4.7 Central Mongolia, 4.5 Offshore Coquimbo, Chile,
               5.2 South of Fiji Islands, 4.8 Mariana Islands, 4.5 Kashmir, 4.5 south of Fiji Islands,
               5.1 Kermadec islands, 4.1 Kamchatka, Russia, 5.4 Vanatu, plus Washington-Oregon
            October 16: 4.6 Bonin Islands, Japan, 4.7 off Honshu, Japan, 5.5 Kuril Islands,
               4.7 South of Fiji Islands, 5.0 offshore Valparaiso, Chile, 4.7 N of Ascension Islan,
               5.2 Norther Xinjiang, China, 5.4 Simeulue, Indonesia, 4.6 Aleutian Islands, Alaska,
               4.5 Kepulauan Talauad, Indonesia, 4.7 Mindanao, Philippines, 4.4 south of Fiji,
               4.3 Tajikistan, 4.6 Vanuatu, 4.7 Vanuatu, 5.2 Minahasa, Indonesia
               5.1 southeast of Taiwan, 4.5 Pribilof Islands, Alaska
Event: October 14, 2011: 6.1 (revised fron 6.6) Amurskaya Oblast, Russia (depth 9 miles)
             China Daily
Event: October 13, 2011: 6.7 Papau New Guinea (depth 28 miles) SMH 
Event: October 12, 2011: 5.3 (revised from 5.9) Oregon, off the coast (depth 6 miles) KOIN

Event: October 12, 2011: 6.1 Bali, Indonesia, south of (depth 21 miles) 50+ injured Telegraph
             Herald Sun
Event: October 8, 2011: 5.9 Tonga (depth 4 miles)
Event: October 7, 2011: 6.1 South of Kermadec Islands (depth 25 miles)
Event: October 6, 2011: 6.2 Jujuy, Argentina (depth 6 miles) Buenos Aires Herald
             Vancouver Sun

[Note: During this period between September 22 and October 5, 2011, the largest
earthquakes had diminshed to mostly 4+ range, but solar flare activity began to increase with  X-Class flares occuring on September 22 (X1.8), and 24th (X1.9), followed by a new mysterious comet that hurtled into the sun on October 1st, which produced a massive
magnetic explosion. By October 5th, a string of 5+ magnitude earthquakes were occurring again.]

Event: September 22, 2011: 6.8 and 6.4 Magnitude; Tonga (depth 6 miles)
Event: September 19, 2011: 5.8 Magnitude; Guatemala (depth 24 miles)
CNN article Reuters article  L.A.Late article
3 dead
Event: September 18, 2011: 6.9 Magnitude; Sikkim, India (depth 12 miles)
Associated Press Time article The Guardian article
53 dead, over 100,000 homes damaged
Event: September 16, 2011: 6.2 Magnitude; Near East Coast, Honshu, Japan (depth 12 miles)
Event: September 16, 2011: 6.6 Magnitude; Near East Coast, Honshu, Japan (depth 22 miles)
Event: September 15, 2011: 7.3 Magnitude; Fiji Islands region (depth 389 miles)
Event: September 15, 2011: 6.2 Magnitude; Near East Coast, Honshu, Japan (depth 6 miles)
Event: September 15, 2011: 6.0 Magnitude; Near North Island New Zealand (depth 8 miles)
Event: September 14, 2011: 6.2 Magnitude; Aleutian Islands, Alaska (depth 1 mile)
   [Note: Alaska has had 22 quakes in the last 24 hours.]
Event: September 12, 2011: 6.2 Magnitude; New Guinea (depth 21 miles)
Event: September 11, 2011: 6.0 Magnitude; Republic of Vanuatu (South Pacific) (depth 21 miles)
Event: September 9, 2011: 6.4 (revised from 6.7)  Magnitude; Vancouver Island, Canada (depth 14 miles) CBCNews article
Event: September 5, 2011: 5.9 Magnitude; Panama (South of)
(depth 6 miles)

Event: September 5, 2011: 6.3 Magnitude; Tonga (South Pacific)
(depth 16 miles)

Event: September 5, 2011: 6.6 Magnitude; Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
(depth 68 miles)
Event: September 4, 2011: 6.1 Magnitude; Republic of Vanuatu (South Pacific) (depth 36 miles)
Event: September 3, 2011: 6.2 Magnitude; South Sandwich Islands
(depth 65 miles)

Event: September 3, 2011: 7.0 Magnitude; Republic of Vanuatu (South Pacific) (depth 82 miles)
Event: September 2, 2011: 6.7 Magnitude; Santiago Del Estero, Argentina
(depth 368 miles)

Event: September 2, 2011: 6.8 (revised from 7.1) Magnitude; Aleutian Islands, Alaska  (depth 22 miles)
[NOTE: All dates as of Tucson, Arizona (Pacific Standard) at time of quake. Also, shallow depth typically indicates more potential damage  at surface.]

Major Volcanic Activity
Alaska's Cleveland Volcano EP Sept 21, 2011
Canary Islands El Hierro Volcano: EP Oct 7 2011
Costa Rica's Rincon de la Vieja Volcano MrC Oct 6 2011
Eritrea's Nabro Volcano IWO Sept 30 2011
Hawaii's Puu Oo EP Sept 22 2011
Iceland's Katla Volcano EP Oct 5 2011
Indonesia's Anak Krakatau Volcano IWO Oct 7 2011
Indonesia's Dukono Volcano EP Sept 8 2011
Indonesia's Mount Tambora AP Sept 19 2011
Japan's Sakurajima Volcano DSVideo Oct 6 2011  DS Volcanic Lightning Video Sept 18 2011
Kamchatka's Shiveluch Volcano EP Oct 4 2011  MrC Oct 6 2011
Philippines' Taal Volcano GMA Sept 23 2011
Sicily's Mount Etna Volcano Telegraph  Oct 7 2011  Wired Sept 30, 2011

April 26, 2009

Ring of Fire Unusually Active this April, 2009

     The incidents and frequency of large tremors and earthquakes in the middle of April may be cause for greater concern, but if it is, our government and the media haven't let on so far.
     Although not limited to the cases to be listed below, what follows are a list of reports gathered last week as I trolled through the world news articles, and began to suspect a trend and then started a deeper search which led to these discoveries tucked away on the deep, back pages of the internet news engines:


--March 26th 12:35am (5.8 earthquake) Northern Peru (along the western border of the Nazca Plate) resulting in Mudslides April 16th in Chamanachucho and Aricapampa burying 25 homes

--throughout April, Mt. Redoubt Volcano in Alaska active, since March 22
(western border of the North American Plate)

-- April 7th 9:13am (4.7
earthquake) Guatemala (on a western border of the Cocos Plate)

--April 7th 12:12pm (4.6
earthquake) Anchorage, Alaska (western border of the North American Plate)

--April 11th 4:22am (4.8
earthquake) Michoacan state, Mexico (on the northern
boundary of the Cococs Plate)

--April 14th 4:37am ( major earthquake, 3.9 aftershock) Yunnan Province, China (on the western edge of the Euroasian Plate) 16,000 people injured

--April 15th 4:23pm (5.0 earthquake) Amani-oshima Island, Japan (on the northwestern border of the Pacific Plate)

-- April 15th 3:01am (6.5
earthquake) North Sulaesi, West Papua and West Sumatra, Indonesia ( Indonesia pop. 230 million people plus animals) (along the top boundary of the Australian Plate)

-- April 15th 2:00 am (4.4 earthquakes) Central Mindanao, Philippines (along the southern border of the Phillippine Plate)

-- April 15th 8:45am (3.9 or less
earthquake) Sri Lanka (just beyond the northwest
corner of the Australian Plate)

--April 16th, La Cumbre Volcano lava flow, Fernandina of the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador (on the western border of the Nazca Plate) killing rare wildlife

April 16th 10:08pm (6.3 earthquake) Pacific Ocean 80km northwest of Iquique, Chile (o
n the western border of the Nazca Plate)

Italy quake 2

     Considering the Central Italy 6.3 earthquake on April 6th that has left
394 people dead and 50,000 injured or homeless

Italy quake 1

and the Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan 5.5 & 5.1 earthquakes on April 16th that

Afghanistan quake

left over 40 people dead and hundreds of homes destroyed, it is obvious that the Earth is in the midst of a period of high seismological upheaval.

     On all sides of the "Ring of Fire," citizens and scientists should be both concerned and ramping up preparations for the contingency of having to deal with a devastating earthquake.
     Here in the United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California need to take these series of seismological incidents very seriously, and our federal government needs to be prepared to help the states now for major earthquake preparedness. Risk management experts suggest that a 7.0 earthquake in the San Francisco area "could kill 4,500, injure 50,000, leave hundreds of thousands homeless."
    The Cascadia region of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia is along the edge of the Juan de Fuca Plate,

Juan De Fuca Plate

which pushes under North America. The last large earthquake in that region was in 1700 of a 9.0 magnitude, equivalent to 30,000 6.0 earthquakes.
     Coastline cities around the Ring of Fire need to immediately step up preparedness efforts and public information efforts in order to minimize loss of life to humans and animals.

     Non-scientific warnings are also being directed to UFOHypotheses, and include:
1)  E-mail circulating Singapore warning of impending earthquake around July 22nd, the same day as a solar eclipse.
2)  Native-American warnings to stay away from the coastlines, especially those areas with nuclear reactors which will poison the water should they be damaged or submerged due to earthquake or tsunami. This is of special concern for Japanese residents in the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa area where the world's largest nuclear power plant has just been re-activated after being shut down two years ago following a 6.8 earthquake on July 16, 2007.
3) News articles by KING News in Seattle and The Economist which suggest earthquake preparedness is crucial.
4) Psychic who warns of a seismic disaster to occur in San Francisco this summer with a track record of high accuracy for thirty years of predictions.
5) Contactee information warning of a high probability of danger from the Juan De Fuca Plate, that would devastate Oregon and Washington states.
6) Yellowstone tremors are ganging together and more frequent.

     While there are no good solutions to such enormous dangers as these potentialities, if some of the people who live in the U.S. coastlines were to migrate and move toward the central states, two good effects could occur:
a) A potential smaller number of dead, injured and homeless due to an earthquake and/or tsunami.
b) Integration of coastline populations which are generally multi-racial and multi-cultural with the homogenous central United States population, which could bring a greater degree of integration to rural American areas, leading to improved social balance.

     My feeling is that we might as well look for the positive benefits of foresight, preparedness, and sensible action while we can act before such catastrophes.