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Healing and the

This page is dedicated to
those with health needs
who are open-minded enough
to allow for the possibility
that they may be healed by the
light and love from other beings,
and themselves

Jane Roberts, who channeled Seth and his wisdom























Higher Dimensions 

August 18, 2013
Healing Practices and Spiritual Evolution
by Rick Keefe

In 2010, I was extremely fortunate to renew an acquaintance with a married couple whom I had known from sixteen years earlier when I had co-hosted a public access show in Tucson on which I helped interview guests about UFOs and metaphysics. Within several weeks of our renewed friendship, the couple invited my wife and I to their place for lunch, where they revealed that they were now publishing a book detailing their odyssey with an extra-terrestrial connection: the wife, Cathy, was a deep trance channeler of an extra-terrestrial being. I asked if I could interview the being, and they (the couple, the extra-terrestrial, and their civilization) granted me permission. After interviewing the being for two hours over two separate occasions, I felt comfortable with the ET being, his civilization, and their history and philosophy, and so I asked about a strange incident that happened to me in 1987 involving a four-foot white owl. The answer to that question extended into hundreds of questions over the year 2010, in which the couple, the extra-terrestrial, and their civilization were gracious enough to grant me about sixteen hours of time to explore my connection with extra-terrestrials and to explore some of my past lives. Very deep connections, inter-relationships, synchronicities, evidence and confirmations expanded my consciousness, and helped me to understand things that had been happening to me my whole life.

One of the messages that the being and his group kept repeating to me was that I had ability to heal people, something that I never remembered doing up to that point in time. Then, my wife reminded me that I had healed her wrist some fifteen years earlier. My wife had been scrubbing and cleaning, and had developed a fierce pain that brought her to tears. We had no health insurance, and so I reached for her wrist and tried to put all my love into healing her, asking silently to All That Is for her pain to go away. When I let go after a couple of minutes, my wife Maritza said that the pain had disappeared. Maritza reminded me of this after we heard the ET being channeled through Cathy keep reminding me about my 'healing gift.'

This reminded me of when I was much younger, when one of my sisters was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and developed a grapefruit-sized tumor in her belly. I was not able to visit her in the hospital for her surgery, but I really wanted to support her through her ordeal, so from home, I sat on my bed and meditated. Having read several books on spirituality at that point in my life, I knew that putting white light around a person with your mind could have positive effects, so I sat on my bed imagining white light around my sister. After her surgery, she had gone a long period without eating, and the medical staff and my parents were at a loss to get her to eat, so I went to the hospital and I got her to start eating again.

The being kept suggesting that I try to develop my healing ability, and I began to try to help people. One day, Cathy visited us at our store while her husband auditioned for an acting role, and I challenged Cathy to find a spot in the six thousand square foot store that a psychic friend had called a 'hot spot' nine years earlier. Cathy found the exact same spot, and gave me a history about what had happened there and what its nature was. During the walk through the pop culture retail store, one of my employees, Matt, came up to me to ask a question about work. He had a broken finger from punching his hand through a wall after a family member had put down the family dog without telling him first. Suddenly courage and inspiration came into me, and I asked Matt if I could try healing his broken finger. Matt said okay, and I felt not only Cathy's encouragement but the ET being's support as well, and I just began by doing what I had done for my wife Maritza fifteen years ago, and my sister decades earlier. Matt described the sensations he felt during the healing [so I later began to ask each person who I tried to help heal what they felt afterwards] and he returned several days later with the splint removed and almost full range of motion. He said the broken bone had healed. I asked him if I could try again to fully heal the finger and give it complete range of motion; he agreed, and he came back again a few days later after the second 'healing experiment' completely healed. I visited with Matt, who has moved on to his new career, earlier this year and at his wedding last month, and he still feels this finger is among his strongest.

Later, in 2010, I was privileged to meet a healer named Phyliss Winslow, who educated me in her manner of healing, and I made a short video documentary about her healing gift and practice, and then interviewed her for a public access show produced by Cathy and her husband. Phyliss' had a more profound effect on me than she may have realized, and I told her that I really wanted to learn how to heal people, too.

By 2011, Cathy and her husband were looking to leave Tucson, and we lost touch, but the profound impact of those sessions with the extra-terrestrial, higher dimensional beings made a big impact on me, and helped me through some very difficult times, as well as giving me a new channel for focusing my energies.

I work retail, and sometimes I'll ask someone, "How are you doing today?" Then, they may share with me something personal, like some emotional or physical discomfort they are experiencing; sometimes they may complain to me about bothersome pain that they are experiencing. I try get a sense of whether or not the person is truly suffering, and if I feel prompted, I may quietly mention that I discovered that I have a gift for healing, and if they have a few minutes, I may be able to help ease their pain. Most everyone that I offer to help is receptive, because I normally make the offer to those individuals who are in such discomfort that they will readily agree to any offer to help relieve them of their pain.

One of the first things that I do after I have felt prompted to offer my assistance to heal someone and they have agreed, is to help them find a place to sit, relax and get comfortable. Then, I always ask them to keep an open mind, and envision that this healing could have a very positive effect for their overall long-term health.

Another way that I help prepare certain individuals to be receptive for healing, after fully listening to their story about the origin of their issue, is to engage them in a conversation about the concept of not identifying who they are with their illness, so that they are more likely to allow the illness to be released on all levels, meaning the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, causal, astral and etheric levels of their Reality.

I begin with my mantra that I created when I was a teenager: “I have faith that All That Is decides All That Is, and we are all a part of All That Is.” I always try to extend my deepest love to All That Is, my guides, their civilizations, and the angels as I am beginning the healing work. However, I do not consider myself religious or associated with any religion. I just try to be as spiritual as I can, since I know that we all have a direct connection with All That Is. I’ve also found that working from a state of joy amplifies the healing, so I try to get myself into as positive an emotional state as I can when I begin. I remember that I, too, as a conduit am also a co-creator with all the loving divine energies and beings.

As far as the three middle fingers, I do not know why I started healing in that way, but it just seemed like the natural thing to do. So, I suggest it to the people I am trying to help through remote healings because it helps focus the energy I am bringing through onto their very specific area of need.

I heal as a conduit of Light through the use of light touch, but I have also had some success with remote healings. When I am healing with the person next to me (not remote), I will move from one hand three fingers, to one hand all five fingers, to both hands, to just one hand two fingers, or however spirit moves me. If I might be bold enough to make a suggestion to anyone beginning to practice healing: do not place any limitations [no limits] on how you should heal, and just stay completely focused on the energies that are coming through you as a healer.

Listen completely to the quiet, subtle promptings your mind receives, and adjust your hands and their configuration whenever you feel prompted. Try not to rigidly stick to one modality, because spirit will work in many different fashions to accomplish the healing. Just trust yourself, and of course respect the individual's free will by asking them for permission when you feel directed to move to different areas.

Sometimes, I will feel prompted to help the individual be more open to receiving the energy, and I will ask for their permission to work on their head and crown chakra. Other times, I may be moved by spirit to help with their self-love if I sense that is an issue, and will ask their permission to work at the base of their neck or from the back over their heart, and sometimes I place one hand on the base of the neck and the other on the back, always with respect, gentleness, and allowing as much love from spirit to pour through along with as much love as I can offer, too. If I feel or am prompted, I will try to clear and clean third eye to allow for better visions, dreams and spiritual clarity.

Trust in yourself if you feel prompted to bring in certain colors of light that you may feel need amplification. You can also work at the sub-atomic level, visualizing the protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks and quantum particles re-aligning into their original divine patterns. Also, any time you feel a sense of negativity, pass that off to the guides and angels (and loving extra-terrestrial civilizations) that are assisting you for transmutation of that negative energy back into love, and remind the individual that they can do this, too. On occasions, I will even invite only the most loving of the individual's passed-on relatives to come through if they are able to offer the highest, kindest loving energies for their relative needing healing.

You may start to see patterns of light, and swirls of light, or even a single color dominate your field of vision. Just allow the angels and guides to do their work through you, and observe. Sometimes, you may want to call up certain colors of light, so it is beneficial to look at certain colors for a long while until you can close your eyes and just visualize that color of light, so that you can call it in when necessary. Just in a very, very general way, I use blues for truth and inner strength, greens for physical healing, pinks for nurturing and self-love, whites for overall balance and overall health, gold for special boosts of energy and higher love, silver for timelessness and future positive effects, magenta for compassion and support, violet for regeneration and re-alignment of divine patterns, and Galaxy Center White for overall higher dimensional consciousness. I also visualize these colors sparkling at times. As a healer, I feel one is allowed to also use their loving imagination and inspiration, as you are a co-creator with the higher dimensional beings.

I often ask the individual to co-create healing light. Sometimes I will ask them to visualize a globe surrounding and penetrating the particular spot on their body that we are focusing on. Often, I will ask for the person to visualize sparkling white light filling up their whole body from their feet all the way up through the top of their head (crown chakra), and that they then visualize all the space around them as white sparkling light that pours in through the top of their head, creating a flowing circuit of white light going in and out of their body.

Another thing I often do is kneeling on my right knee, to stay grounded and connected to Gaia, and to remain humble in my efforts. Also, I envision the person being healed sitting in a pillar or column of light that reaches from the core of the Earth out to infinity, and I allow myself to be blessed by this pillar of light as well.

There are plenty of other ways that I try to help heal people. One of them is to never charge money for the healings so that the work remains pure of heart, and this is specific just to me. If while I am doing a healing, I begin to think of personal thoughts and I feel my ego popping up, I just gently stop that line of thinking, and re-establish my intentions, which are to focus on healing for this individual that is trusting in me to do the good work. Re-stating in my mind my highest intention to help them quickly puts my ego to sleep, and then I can immediately re-focus, which feels like success.

While I am in conscious connection with the higher dimensional beings (guides and angels and loving extra-terrestrial civilizations), I am always trying to focus through my heart but still use my mind to be able to receive communications in the form of a sort of mental telepathy from them, and on rare occasions I will be prompted to pass on information to the individual. However, I never recommend any medical advice, and always encourage the individual to continue to consult their doctors. I am simply there to add love and positive energies and Light to the process of healing.

There are many occasions where I do not hear anything back from my guides and the angels for a long period of the session, which can last anywhere from thee minutes to an hour and a half, but usually between five to fifteen minutes. However, often I will get a response back in the form of flashes of light, often taking the shape of an electric outline of an eye. This is when I know that they are in full participation with me and have responded to my telepathic requests, and recognize my need to hear back from them. Otherwise, I simply have learned to always trust and know that they are there for me in this healing work, which gives me great, great joy.

However, the most difficult healings are those where the person is near death. My goal with the individual who is near death is to relieve as much pain as possible, to give them clarity of consciousness, to extend their time enough so they are able to communicate with their loved ones prior to passing, and to let them know that they are loved unconditionally. Even still, I always hold out hope and ask for a miraculous recovery, even though that has not occurred in any of my experiences so far.

Ending the healing session is also a matter of trusting when you feel that you have done all that you can do to help the person at this time. I will start to get a prompting that this is a good place to stop for the moment, and I may ask the individual if they could re-assess how they feel, and if there are any areas that still need work or attention. If they feel they still have pain, I will go back to the healing work until they are doing even better.

While healing is such a great joy, the reason I call it healing ‘work’ is that it does take a lot of concentration and focus during the session to remain a pure conduit for unconditional Love and healing Light.

I always try to give my deepest gratitude afterwards to All That Is, my guides, their civilizations, and the angels after I have finished the healing work for that session. As well, when I remember the person over the next several days, I will keep sending them healing, loving energies, and ask that the higher dimensional loving beings continue to help them heal. And I really am so happy that I get to do this kind of healing work! For many people, their issue never returns. For others, there may be recurrences or residual discomfort. Some people are healed completely in a single session; others take several sessions and never quite seem to be able to shake the issue. I have learned to detach from the outcome, even though I am always pulling for everyone to be completely healed. I feel that there must be higher purpose and divine destiny in whatever outcome occurs, and yet I am always hoping for the most positive results, and my ego feels a certain sense of deflation when that does not occur. But I always trust in All That Is.

I am scientific by nature, so it took me a year and a half after I started doing healings in the summer of 2010 to finally become convinced that these healings were real, and not simply people patronizing me, or psychosomatic or placebo healing responses. I used to call them 'healing experiments,' but now I just call them ‘healings,’ because I know they are divine healings. I have been able to participate in healings that have restored broken bones, eliminated pre-cancer growths, fully healed Mitral Valve Prolapse, expelled West Nile virus, fully healed lung lesions, and assisted in the survival of open heart surgery patient whose first surgeon quit because the person had only a 2% chance of getting off the operating table, etc. So, now I am fully convinced, even in a scientific way. I have kept notes from the many healings, but not all of them, and I know that I have helped upwards of 170 people so far.

About a year after I first started healing, I wrote someone else and explained how I was doing the healing then: “The way I have been healing is that I just meditate and connect with All That Is, and I acknowledge my guides, and I put myself in a place of Love, and ask that healing come through me to the person with all my genuine feeling and love with great sincerity and my hope for their well-being to return. This has been working, and the more joy I bring to the healing session, which usually lasts three to six minutes or so, the better results I am seeing for people. I rest two or three fingers on the spot where they feel is the origin of their pain, cancer or illness. If spirit moves me, I may place my whole hand there, or adjust the position of my hand or fingers to direct the energy coming through. If my mind wanders to personal or ego ideas, I try to clear that away and re-focus on the person I am trying to help heal. I remember that I am tapping into Unlimited Love, and that there is no need for worry or concern, and to just allow Love to flow. When I feel like the healing is done, then I stop. Afterwards, I usually ask the person what they experienced and felt.”

I encourage you not to place any limits [NO LIMITS] on what you can accomplish.


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