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Canis MajorConstellation
  Sirius A Star
  Sirius B Star
  Sirius C star

The Dogon Tribe of Mali

Robert K.G. Temple's

Oannes and the Sumerians
Dolphins and Sirius

Robert Shapiro's
Channelings on Sirius

Other Sirian Contact Cases
Mike Quinsey
Sheldan Nidle
Rose Athor

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Additional Sources On Sirius

The Sirians

This page is dedicated to the loving energies
of those higher-dimensional,
benevolent extra-terrestrials that
have connection to the Sirius stars

ETs from Canis Major Constellation
(stars Sirius A, B and C)

Sirius A

      Sirius A, "The Dog Star," is the brightest star in the sky as seen from Earth. Sirius A is twenty times brighter than our Sun, and twice as dense.


     Mythologically, Sirius A is associated with the Egyptians and their gods Anubis and Osiris, and their goddess Isis. The constellation name Canis Major translates as 'big dog,' another obvious connection with AnubisSirius is also referred to in ancient texts as Mazzaroth.

Egyptian God Anubis connected to Canis Major
Egyptian God Anubis connected to Canis Major

     The Egyptians and other ancient Arabic cultures believed that the Sirius system was the resting place of the soul after death.  Anubis symbolized the protection of the dead for their journey into the afterlife, and oversaw the 'weighing of the heart' which helped the newly passed-on being to assess their heart and soul, and helped to guide the being's spirit into its next lifetime journey where it could gain the most benefit.
     From July 23rd to September 8th, the ancient Egyptian priests performed their annual religious rites for Sirius, which they called Sothis. This summer period is when Sirius A is brightest in the sky, and the Egyptian priests felt that this created a more direct line of communication between themselves and the Sirians.

              Robert Temple's Investigation
     of the Dogon tribe and its Sirius Culture

Robert K.G. Temple
Primary investigator of the Sirius connection
to ancient Earth cultures

Robert K.G. Temple website


Other Sirian
Contacts Cases

Note of Caution:
There also appears to be a great deal of  commercialization of so-called Sirian information via various channelers, as well as capitalization of the Sirian name  by individuals with a profit and ego motive. Alternately, there is an abundance of skeptics' dis-information and debunking out there as well. And then there is also the genuine article, so beware and aware.

Mike Quinsey

      Mike Quinsey's first UFO experience as a 14-year-old while looking out the window of a train. He was in the British Army in the 1950s and was stationed in Egypt, a period of time which allowed him to visit inside the Great Pyramid at Giza. By the 1970s, Quinsey was reading the works of Edgar Cayce, and helped a group called the Atlanteans. He worked as editor of "The Messenger" magazine. Lately, Quinsey has been editing "The Quest" magazine and hosts his radio show, "Connecting the Light" airing weekly on BBS Radio. Just recently, Quinsey is recovering from health issues.


artist's rendition of SaLuSa of Sirius

Sheldon Nidle

     Sheldon Nidle explains that his contacts began in childhood in the late 1940s and early 1950s where he grew up in Buffalo, New York. Nidle experienced visitations by extra-terrestrials there as well as aboard their spacecraft where he was educated through telepathic communications, light forms, as well as gaining understanding from implants, both etheric and physical. As a teenager in the early 1960s, Nidle felt conflicted and asked the Sirians to stop their contacts with him, and they complied. However, in the mid-1980s after receiving two masters degrees and doing great research on Nikola Tesla and alternative energy sources, the Sirians re-established contact with Nidle, and this contact has been ongoing ever since.


     Nidle states that he is a representative for the Galactic Federation of Light and he  founded the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) in 1997. His contacts are still ongoing.
     From Wikipedia: "Nidle is known for his prediction that the world would end on December 17, 1996. Nidle, then residing in Walnut Creek, California, predicted that it would happen with the arrival of 16 million spaceships and a host of angels. When this did not occur, Nidle claimed the angels had transferred humanity into a holographic projection in order to give it a second chance." Undaunted by his failed prediction, Nidle has continued to channel the Sirians, and posts several contact messages a month.
     Nidle has also published several books, including "Your Galactic Neighbors," and "Your First Contact," as well as a multitude of DVDs.

Rose Athor
The unusual case of Rose-Athor

"From Sirius To Earth," by Evelyn Fuqua and Athor

Drunvalo Melchizedek


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The Dogon Tribe of Mali

     Before modern science and astronomers were able to detect, ancient African tribes like the Dogons of Mali knew of an invisible companion to the Dog Star,  now known as Sirius B, which is a super-dense white dwarf star.

Dogons in sacred dance clothing

     The Dogons claim to have received this information from a race of amphibious beings known as the Nommos. Ancient Dogon tribal teachings spoke of the companion star Sirius B well before it was discovered with the aid of telescopes in the 20th century.

Dogon village in Mali (in Western Africa)

Sirius B

     The Dogons also knew that Sirius B had an elliptical orbit and an orbital period of 50 years. Furthermore, the Dogons knew of a third Sirius star that was only 25% as dense as Sirius B, which they called Emme Ya. Sirius B was known in ancient Arabic as 'Al Wazn' ("the weight.") Not until 1995 did modern astronomers Daniel Benest and J.L. Duvent discover this star: Sirius C.
     The Dogons claim that the Nommos, who are as keepers of the universe, will return to Earth and interact with humanity from the oceans.

Additional Sources on the Dogon Tribe and Sirius

Oannes and the Sumerians


Dolphins and Sirius

Robert Shapiro's
Channelings On Sirius

"The Explorer Race Volume One" (1996)
pages v-vii, 27-28, 259-277, 371-390
by Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

     Robert Shapiro channels a higher dimensional Light Being which calls itself Zoosh, and who states that his spiritual presence has been with humanity since its inception. Zoosh states that all our souls are connected together, and says of his consciousness, "I have always been with you, I always will be with you, I am with you now," but asks not to be deified as a god.
     Zoosh acknowledges that our consciousness is in a "fixed point of reference," while he shares his feelings and understandings from a place of no time, or paradox. He says, "I am speaking from all ponts of reference." Zoosh is the being who contributes and organizes the primary information in the "Explorer Race" series and helps Robert channel other guest extra-terrestrial beings. Some of Zoosh's compiled information regarding Sirius is summarized in the following passages.

     According to the "Explorer Race" writings, beings from Sirius, along with beings from the Pleiades, Orion and Andromeda, were instrumental in seeding humanoid life on the planet Earth. Just as the Dogon tribe of Africa recounts, the Sirian beings are greatly connected with the oceans and are in constant communication with cetaceans like dolphins, whales and sea turtles seeded here from Sirius. These are beings whose roots are with the Sirius star beings. Water planets are very common to the Sirius star group.
     However, the original group of Sirians who arrived on Earth were not of the same nature as the vast majority of positive, angelic-like Sirian beings who are here now on and around Earth. Unfortunately, the original group of Sirians came from a terribly negative, technological-driven civilization on a very negatively-oriented planet within Canis Major constellation.
     The vast majority of Sirian beings on and around earth now are of an angelic nature. There are only three to four thousand of those with a negative nature involved in actions against humanity.
     Just as Anne Frank understood that most human beings are good, we can understand that most beings from the Sirius region are benevolent as well. Many of these benevolent Sirians act as individual guides for Earth human beings, and stay in telepathic and lighted communication with the individuals they are guiding. Channeled messages of the Sirians are relayed to a wider audience through mediums like Robert Shapiro, Mike Quinsey and Sheldan Nidle. Natutrally, those messages may or may not ring true and resonate with each individual reader, and should be read with discernment.
     While the heritage of the negative, founding Sirians has been a challenge to the present-day Sirians, they have been able to rise above their past and develop into their current angelic-like state. The modern benevolent Sirians believe that their ancestors were instrumental in helping manifest much of the life on planet Earth, even stating that much of the physical matter of Earth itself came from Sirius.
     These benevolent Sirians, who  had escaped from the negative planet within Canis Major, state that they have helped over the aeons to engineer the surface of planet Earth into a pristine and beautiful form,, which remained so even up until the last four hundred years, before modern mankind and its Industrial Revolution polluted the planet.
     These Sirian beings claim that they can now take any form, as they have evolved to higher-dimensional capabilities, and that some of their species inhabit a higher-dimensional space that we would conceive of as being below the surface of the Earth. Other Sirians inhabit cloaked spacecraft as large as ten miles wide within our solar system, directed by spiritual councils of a feminine influence.
     These benevolent Sirians see Earth as an environment that provides "a place for negative energy to find a means of expressing itself benevolently." They see Earth humans as bringing masculine and female energies together for the benefit of the entire universe. "For you have given to the universe not only the ability to survive," states female Sirian Council member Sri Bonato, "but the ability to re-create out of nothing that which is a monument to spiritual and physical beauty... Know that your struggles are not in vain and that people all over the universe love, admire and appreciate you."

  Dealing With
egative Planet
ithin The

"The Explorer Race Volume One" (1996)

pages v-vii, 27-28, 259-277, 371-390
by Zoosh through Robert Shapiro
    The planet Arvah-da of Sirius was a dominating, super negative planet, and the first civilization on Earth; however, they were not the first beings on Earth. According to The Explorer Race, the origins of earth's indigenous race (the Andazi) "might be conceived of as the auric Earth energy expressed in its highest purpose. In other words, they are physicalized angelics," which is further explained as "total physical as well as spiritual alignment with the universal One living in the absolute Now, while also intersecting the material plane of time and space." They are described as being "tall, rather plump" and with "a face that is almost catlike in the sense of the softened face of a lion."
     Aeons ago, the beings of the Sirian planet Arvah-da arrived and observed the simplicity of Earth's indigenous Andazi. The Sirians felt superior to the Andazi due to their advanced technology and machines.
The negative Sirians have atomic-powered spacecraft that cannot reach the speed of light, which means that their long missions into space are most always a one-way flight. There lifespans are short, only fifty years or so, and they are bred to die in battle. Their culture is basically a caste system of three tiers of a ratio of 1:4:40, being leadership, mid-level management, and warriors. Blind obedience and servitude is mandatory. There is no family life or friends, only soldiers in arms, dedicated to dying for their system. Their energy is dedicated to destroying whatever is Light, which is anathema to them. Their civilization promotes fear of their race.
      The Arvah-da Sirians also felt the need to "absolutely and totally control their external environment." This heritage of "need for control" has been passed down to Earth humanity, which is a hybrid race, initially, of Andazi and Sirian genetics. The non-violent, loving Andazi, being in understanding of the loving,  Divine Law of Allowance, let the warrior Sirian race invade their paradise. Furthermore, the Andazi did not judge the Sirians, because the angelic Andazi  were of the Light.
     Humanity, in a sense, is trying to overcome the negative traits of the founding Sirian line, and of the later intrusions by other negative races, like some of those from the Orion constellation.
The Andazi genetic memory within humanity still drives to raise the vibration of Earth, in order to re-create the angelic utopia on Earth that existed before the arrival of the Arvah-da Sirians; in turn, this would uplift not only Earth and its solar system, but also the Sirius system, as well as creating a benevolent chain reaction effect on much of this universe.
     The negative, misguided Sirians brought many negative concepts to Earth. The concept of time was burdened upon their Earth humanity progeny. Their Sirian planet does not have the polarities of positive and negative, but is almost entirely negative. They feel that the upliftment of Earth would entail the destruction of their world. They feel ownership over the Earth and humanity. If not for a multitude of alliances of benevolent extra-terrestrials, these negative Sirians would have already destroyed Earth humanity because of its potential for upliftment and Light. Any Arvah-da Sirians that turn towards the Light are beheaded, as the their leaders and culture do not recognize the soul.
     Corruption, greed, possessiveness and dramatic battle were concepts native to the Arvah-da Sirians, whose focus was upon externalizing energy for power and control over creation, as opposed to recognizing  the Divine Within.

     Regarding the last seventy years, the
remaining four thousand or so Arvah-da Sirians are part of a confederation of negative extra-terrestrials which deceived and manipulated leaders of Earth human governments, like the United States, into a technology transfer in return for allowing them to set up bases of operations and make contact with Earth human beings. Very frightened about the unforeseen, disastrous effects of this treaty, governments began leaking information about these negative beings, as acts of desperation. The Sirians are cloning human beings, which is also incredibly worrisome to Earth leaders, as they see themselves being in line for replacement.
     The negative Sirians are also involved in cattle mutilations in an effort to create a hybrid species of their race that would survive the upliftment Earth is headed towards. They have tunnels throughout the southwestern U.S. states and native-American reservations, and have preyed on people and abused them in these areas. The Arvah-da Sirians also have a large base in Finland, according to Zoosh.
     Associated with beings from this singularly negative, tyrannical planet in the Sirius system are celebrity occult priests and some esoteric religious rites characterized by selfish self-indulgent acts. The literature on these groups suggests an obsession with power and control issues, snakes and reptiles, the heavy use of psychedelics, sadistic sex and black magic. 
These Arvah-da Sirians (along with confederate Orions from planets along the belt of Orion) are the beings known in UFO literature as the Men In Black. They can tolerate cold, but have a distinct dislike of light and heat.The Light and loving energies are "like a poison" to these negative beings, who see the third dimension and higher as harsh and dangerous because of the Light and Love.
negative Sirians and their confederation continue to take interest in Earth because of negative energies here, but as the level of love rises on the planet, they can tolerate being here less and less. The Group Soul of humanity is here in part to help uplift their Group Soul, as is the case of the higher dimensional beings working for the upliftment of Earth humanity.
     Zoosh explains: "As you work toward balancing yourselves, coming into a greater sense of your own spirit applied in your daily life, you will be doing the best for yourself and also be contributing to your planet's safety." As you experience more of the Light of your soul, says Zoosh, you become untouchable to the negative extra-terrestrials.

Additional Sources on Sirius