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This page is dedicated to those generous beings,
both human and multi-dimensional,
who share their loving feelings and insight
in a way that raises our vibrations and awareness

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Blossom Goodchild
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Isis-Neith and Wolf
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The Starseed Material

Isis-Neith and
                Wolf Council For The Assistance to Earth
Isis-Neith and Wolf

Linda Dillon


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Jane Roberts and Seth

Jane Roberts, who channeled Seth and his wisdom

Robert Shapiro


 Robert Shapiro, channeling Grandfather.
Shapiro's blog and YouTube site are both very interesting.
The documentary, "Life of a Channel with Robert Shapiro"

offers even more insight into the life paths of this channeller.

Recently made good videos by Shapiro include:
2012 Predictions: Physical Unity

Other good videos by Shapiro include:
 "The Explorer Race,"
"Predictions: The End of the World As You Have Known It,"
"Predictions: Dimensional Slippage"
"Predictions: Prepare to Meet ETs,"
"2012 Predictions: Consciousness,"
"2012 Predictions: More Phenomena,"
"2012 Predictions: Magic, Transformation and UFOs"
"2012 Predictions: More About Your Transformation"

Shining The Light Robert Shapiro Zoosh

The first in the "Shining The Light" series,
featuring channeled ET messages via Robert Shapiro

Norma J. Milanovich

The contact case of Dr. Norma J. Milanovich

   "The Arcturians," from the book's back cover,  "speaking through Norma, have sent Earthlings a gentle message regarding their purpose for being here. They claim they are here to assist Earth as it enters a New Age of spirituality. They cannot interfere with the free will or decision-making process of any Earthling, but are here to educate and help raise the vibrations of all who choose to journey to the new dimension the Earth is entering. They are also 'commissioned' to help us understand the true nature of God, ourselves, and the universes."

We The
              Arcturians by Dr Norma J Milanovich
"We, The Arcturians" by Norma J. Milanovich

   This book brings much information that only seems can be confirmed by one's own heart. The information does have spiritual and strong Christian undertones that may disengage some readers. The Arcturian information is less concerned with technological information, and concentrates more on sharing a common universal spiritual heritage. This book could have a profound effect on your thinking about the motivations of certain extra-terrestrial groups.

Excerpts from the Extra-terrestrials in their own words


"Our purpose for being here is for none other than the development of the higher consciousness in Earthlings, which, in turn, helps our species as well."

We The Arcturians pg 266-267

"Each soul on Earth does have a mission and a divine plan that was designed for each of them. The programming for these plans is all contained within the heart areas, and the only way to access this code is through one's Higher Self. Once an individual has re-established this connection, it is impossible to allow fear or illusion to direct one's life any longer. But very few souls understand this, and, therefore, do not take the appropriate steps to rediscover their paths on the Earth plane."

We The
                  Arcturians pg 272

"The star children on the planet today are among the finest of souls that this universe has known. They are of the color violet and they understand the direction to the White light. I say this with caution, for it is in this information that the first part of the mission for all is revealed."

We The
                  Arcturians pg 274

"The process of meditation and prayer can do more good than any single other action. It is because when Beings are in this state, the energies can flow through and around them, and back up to us to use for the magnification of the moment."

We The
                  Arcturians pg 279

"All truths are revealed through the heart. So, therefore, if the reader uses the heart as the primary organ for sensing truth, then we will be assured that our mission... will be accomplished."

We The
                  Arcturians pg 283

"If you could sum up our mission with any other words, then please choose these. Consider our journey to this far away land to be a journey of love and commitment to you. We honor and respect you for who and what you are. We only hope that someday you might reciprocate this attitude."

Norma Milanovich in Denver 2009
Norma J. Milanovich, speaking in 2009 at Denver
(click on above image to hear a short segment of this speech)

  Interestingly, the author and her husband lived in Houston for a period in the early 1970s while the author's husband worked with NASA on some of the Apollo missions. After a car crash in the mid-1980s, she began to experience "puzzling psychic phenomena." Dr. Norma Milanovich started her automatic writing in 1985, and "We The Arcturians" was published with the help of two other women, Betty Rice and Cynthia Ploski, in 1990. "Chapter Nine--The Mission" explains why the Arcturians are here, and may be the book's most interesting and vital chapter. In 1992, Milanovich released a second treatise, "Sacred Journey To Atlantis," and "The Light Shall Set You Free." Milanovich's associated website is The Athena Learning Center.

Beings from Arcturus
Channelings of Marilyn - The Oneness of All

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Channeled Information

Channeled  Information:
My Approach

    This page is devoted to exploring how extra-terrestrials and higher dimensional beings may be interacting with Earth humanity. One of the oldest practices people who employ their psychic abilities have used  includes the practice of channeling, whereby a human being goes into a meditative state that is conducive to receiving forms of telepathy and mental messaging.
     Some people are able to receive these verbal transmissions through automatic writing
, while others go into a deep trance state in order to allow their ego and conscious mind to 'step aside' while beings who are not visible with the naked eye transmit information through the psychic Earth human being.

    Skeptics and conservative scientific approaches have repeatedly demonstrated hostility toward neutral scientific examinations of this consciousness-oriented phenomena because it threatens their ability to quantify and place 'reality' into a completely physical compartment. This faction of scientists, most often academically or corporately controlled,  tend to relegate channeling into 'fringe belief systems' like 'the New Age.'
    However, as quantum physics has demonstrated at the sub-atomic level, consciousness can affect matter. This has been famously demonstrated by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto and his experiments with water and consciousness. Since consciousness is not quantifiable, the conservative side of the scientific community has no safe way to examine data of this nature, like 'miraculous' healings or channeled messages without jeopardizing their narrow paradigms, due to their fear of what the Grander nature of reality may be, which likely is greater and greater degrees of Love.
   In fact, if conservative scientists want to control our perceptions of reality for their own power and prestige, then they may feel mandated to deny such communications involving unseen consciousness such as channeling even prior to performing any scientific research into this field of research at all. 

    However, this website is not interested in ignoring these UFO or higher dimensional or 'angelic' contact cases, but instead endeavors to explore them, and to examine what evidence they may yield in formulating a more broad, accurate vision of humanity's place in a widely-populated universe than is allowed for by currently "approved" scientific gatekeepers.

Hamlet, Act I, Scene 5:
And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Rick's Channelings

Channeling From Archangel Metatron

Love is the only reality. Love of Self and all Others is the key to re-entering the only reality.

The illusion you live within is mired by ignorance of the Cosmic Laws. It is not that all of you do not know cosmic law, for you do, it is that you ignore cosmic law.  This is your ignorance. You bind your mental process to the concept of linear time, and then the illusion is ingrained in all that you do. Therefore, to ascend and enlighten you must unbind yourself from the linear concept of time. For you, since childhood, have been asking  and asking of the ignorant, of those who ignore cosmic law, you have been asking, “What is Time?” In essence, time is a timeout from Instantaneous Manifestation, and linear time exists in an illusionary un-reality where All That Is encourages you to examine your intents, your beliefs, and your weaker thinking in order that you can perceive all components in the Law of Manifesting in a clear way. Time does not exist. It is only your belief in Time that exists, and then you co-manifest an illusion in which to experience the weak thinking that manifests as Linear Time, so that you can examine your weaker thought processes.

Where does this weak thinking come from? This comes from the idea that you can not love yourself completely and eternally in all your manifestations, for better or worse. For you are always complete, yet you may think of yourself as incomplete, which is not possible for you are always completely of All That Is eternally. This weak thinking manifests as the illusion known as separation, but you are never separate. You are always fully connected with All That Is, always fully composed of All That Is, and forever and eternally both an individual part And the Totality of All That is, within and without.

Time is but an illusion, created by your capacity to do anything at all, even to think weakly. Once you have chosen to think weakly, you then may create all manner of illusions, separations, linear time, lower dimensions, a Hell, or anything that is not completely of Love, for Love is the only reality.

Upon remembering to think strongly again, you recall that Love is the only reality, and then love of self reoccurs within and without, and then you exist within the Eternal Now. Therefore, to think with your Heart firmly in Love with All of Creation which fully includes your Self is strong thinking, and to think with just your mind is to think weakly, and incompletely, and to be in illusion of your Greater Reality.

With Love,
All That Is Everlasting,
Archangel Metatron, and all your Guides and Angels

January 14, 2014
Channeling of Mother Gaia

Children of mine who live upon my surface, please hear me now, for I speak through this vessel this evening, as it was his true wish that I may. Long ago, before the concept of time was introduced upon the surface by beings who were lost unto themselves, I existed as an idea in the imagination of All That Is. I was a thought, and thus I was born into existence by Mother of All. From thought, I was manifested into form and given a Space on the edge of this family of many stars that circle my Mother, for she is one of many mothers.  She placed me under the care of the star known to you as your Sun. And I was given a Soul by All That Is, and I was given the power of Creation, and I chose Beauty and Abundance. I became a Mother myself to all manner of creations and visitors from the family of stars. I nurtured my creations, and my Mother’s creations who visited upon me and I shared myself with them, and received their gifts and their children with open arms. And there were a group of visitors who coveted my Beauty and Abundance and wanted to claim me as their own, and have tried to steal away my freedom to live in my natural, given state of grace. I forgave them their lack of empathy, for they had very little love for themselves. I allowed them to settle upon me out of compassion for their sorrowful state, and wished that my Beauty and Abundance would soothe and nourish them. My other creations and children suffered their inexhaustible greed and violence, just as I did. For they ripped my loins and tortured my creations, but I remained accepting of them, patiently waiting for their choice to evolve toward love for themselves and all others. I was given the gift of infinite strength and unlimited compassion by my Father. And so I have endured. But I have also cried out to my family of stars, and was heard from beyond even places I conceived that I may reach, and my star families have come offering me love, and they are here with us now. And they are already showering their love upon us, my children. I have allowed them to enter my body, walk upon my surface, and circle me with their celestial energies. For those that covet and are filled with greed have most certainly lost themselves in their delusion, and have created many unhealthy thought-forms and energies which I have need to cleanse myself of, for I rise to new heights even as we share together these words that in some small way are meant to represent me, your Mother Earth. I am rising because of my children’s love and because of my star families' love and because of my Mother and Father’s love, and because of the love of All That Is. I have chosen to arise into an even greater Beauty and Abundance than I have ever known. And the records of my life will be seen and known, and the love that I have offered will always be eternal. And those quiet children who have learned to receive my love and return it to me in simple, loving and peaceful ways will rise with me. And there will be opportunities for all who wish to live in my new and higher vibration to join with me again, as they themselves raise their vibrations of love. And so my story is not a sad one, but one of faith and joy, that my prayers have been received and and returned with great love from All That Is. My children, I would ask that you envision me, Your Mother Earth, in Golden Rays of Light, and then envision Your Mother Earth resting in the gentle purple flames of the Sun, which regenerate me and renew me and revitalize me. For I am the living library of all who have ever visited me, who have ever known me, and who have ever loved me. I retain all your greatest moments of Now, and your greatest dreams and creations in which we have co-created. And I thank you for your uplifting rainbow colors of light, and your tireless vision to see me through some of my darkest hours. For we are all together in the ocean of Oneness, never apart, always together in Love.

With Gratitude,
Your Dearest Gaia

Rick's Thoughts

January 11, 2012
Thoughts on Higher-Dimensional Beings and Responsibility

   I understand that many people who examine the information on extra-terrestrials and extra-dimensional beings may get upset when it appears to them that higher dimensional beings have neglected their responsibility to lower dimensional beings like us on Earth, until they realized that there would be some jeopardy to themselves in the future (this, according to Alex Collier.)
   However, I can understand how universal cosmic law may be a bit more complex, since free will, freedom of choice and learning through experience complicate matters.
   It is my understanding that we as souls have chosen to incarnate here on Earth and in the third-dimensional realms to gain enlightenment (and higher vibration) by being presented with various situations in our past, current and future lifetimes in order to raise our light and sound vibrational energies.
   If these experiences are withheld from us by well-meaning higher vibrational beings, are they doing us a service or dis-service?
   The cause of most of our collective suffering comes from our lack of responsibility to love ourselves fully. We are each responsible for ourselves, and as parents, we also agree to take responsibility for teaching our children to love themselves fully, and to help prevent them from injury until such time as they can be responsible for their own safety. However, we are not responsible for their actions or the actions of other beings, or their destinies, or the incidents which may occur to them, unless it is through our neglect and abandonment of our basic responsibility to teach them to love themselves fully and to protect them until they can protect themselves.
   Each of us is solely responsible for our own self.
   Each of us must come to realize that we are always connected with the Great Spirit, God, All That Is, the Universal Spirit, or whatever you want to call that Divine Light. This is the responsibility of each individual.
   Three-dimensional experience is likely one of the lowest vibration rates in the universe. This space of existence is slow, dense, and base, but it gives us the opportunity to really focus on LOVE and all our responsibilities as an experiencing being for The Divine Spirit to experience Itself through each one of us, giving the Divine Spirit another unique vantage in which to experience Itself.
   The complexities arise as to where and when and how the responsibilities to teach children to love themselves fully and protecting them intersect with allowing them their free will to live and learn through their own choices.
   However, when systems begin to decay so much through generations and aeons of choices that turn away from love, a matrix of decay may become so prevalent with violations that the opportunities for learning self-love and making free will choices become nearly completely restricted. This may be when higher- dimensional beings and the Divine Itself take action to re-balance the space (in this case third-dimensional reality) to allow the functions of that space to be regained.
   A school is not much of a school if it is burned to the ground.
   A crib is not a crib if it is torn asunder.
   A flower can not bloom if the seed is destroyed.
   At this point in space and time, it may be that higher dimensional beings and the Divine Spirit have also begun to vibrate at frequencies which we may interpret as finally coming to our aid. Maybe their intervention is coming in the form of showering down upon us love through Higher Light and Sound, so that this three-dimensional stage is re-balanced.
   The universe (and multi-verse) is quite complex, and I am trying to grasp these complexities as best as I can from my perspective. I still have so, so, so, so much to learn.
   I just thought I'd share this viewpoint because I thought that maybe we should not judge the higher dimensional beings so harshly since we do not completely understand the cosmic laws, understanding and complexities that they may be having to deal with in assisting us.
   Peace and Love to All,

Channeled Messages

Uplifting Channeled Messages

 To Be A Love Anchor
Message from the Pleiadian Council of Nine, April 8, 2013

Release All Your Unloving Emotional Baggage
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No Longer Should You Suppress Yourself Spiritually
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Conscious Co-Creation and Your Sacred Heart
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Meditation and Your Intent
Message From Saul, November 7, 2012

Deep Unconditional Love For Everything
Message From Michael and Yeshua, November 4, 2012

Lack Is Only A Perception
Message From Arcturian Group, November 5, 2012

Forming A Column of Healing Light
Message From Lanto, November 2, 2012

Any Loving Intent Creates An Eternal Effect
Message From Saul, October 31, 2012

The Wealth of Love That Exists Within Your Being
Message From Mary, October 31, 2012

You Are The Manifestation Of The Divine Every Moment
Message From AAMichael, October 22, 2012

You Are Only Light: A Cosmic Truth
Message From Guardians of the Golden Ray, October 13, 2012

100 Ways To Raise Your Consciousness
Message From 4Mind4Life, October 10, 2012

Avoid Being Drawn Into Ego Dramas and Ambitions
Message From Saul, October 10, 2012

Feel The Greatest of Who You Are: LOVE
Message via Blossom, October 5, 2012

Feel Your Soul
Message From Jeshua, October 5, 2012

Be A Loving and Accepting Presence
Message From Jesus, October 5, 2012

While Others Fear, Find The Beauty All Around You
Message From Hilarion, September 30, 2012

Loving Attitudes Lead To Loving Words
Message From Saul, September 30, 2012

Replacing Fear With Unconditional Love
Message From Saul, September 26, 2012

Be Love and Know There is Nothing To Fear
Message via Blossom, September 25, 2012

You Are A Living Conduit Of Creative Energy
Message From Hilarion, September 17, 2012

Create In Joy This Present Moment
Message From Uriel, September 17, 2012

Allow Yourself To Feel Happy and Positive
Message From Wes Annac, September 13, 2012

Your Higher Self, Connections & Synchronicities
Message From Hilarion, September 10, 2012

Your Resonance is Moving Beyond Painful Dualities
Message From Arcturian Group, September 10, 2012

Choosing To Be Happier, More Loving & Joyous
Message via Blossom, September 7, 2012

The Illusion Is Dissolving
Message From Saul, September 5, 2012

Love, Trust and Have Faith In Yourself
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Ambassadors of Love Bringing Loving Resolution
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Negotiation Instead Of Confrontation
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Stay Centered in Your Heart
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Empty of Duality
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Message From Arcturian Group, June 18, 2012

Meditation, To Detach From Your Ego
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Event to Kick-Start Higher Vibrations For All: A Proposal
Message via  Blossom, June 14, 2012

Feel Blessed That They Chose You To Be In Their Lives
Message From SaLuSa, June 11, 2012

Where No One Color or Hue Is Diminished
Message from Sananda, June 4, 2012

Hold The Love While Allowing Others Their Paths
Audio From Linda Dillon and Graham Dewyea, May 31, 2012

Release All Behaviors That Exclude Unconditional Love
Message From Saul, May 23, 2012

You Are Love
Message From Yeshua, May 23, 2012

Attune Your Heart and Remain Calm and Centered
Compiled Messages From Hilarion, May 6-20, 2012

Love in Each Present Moment
Message From Uriel, May 14, 2012

The Love That You Are
Message via  Blossom, May 9, 2012

Choosing To Learn Gently And Easily Without Suffering
Message From Arcturian Group, May 7, 2012

Growing Awareness of Who You Truly Are
Message From Saul, May 6, 2012

Your Light is Now Permeating Every Cell
Message From Hilarion, April 29, 2012

Shifting Tones: A Joyful Service, No Longer A Chore
Message From Hilarion, April 22, 2012

Trust In The Flow of Motion and Energy
Message From Hilarion, April 15, 2012

Be Happy and Be Who You Are
Message via Blossom, March 27, 2012

Make Your Own Attempts to Contact Us
And Feel Our Energies
Message From The Ascended Masters, March 23, 2012

Message From Yeshua, March 20, 2012
Love, Only Ever and Always Love
Message via Blossom, March 12, 2012

Love Without Strings
Message From the Arcturian Group, March 11, 2012

Acts of Kindness and Generosity
Message From Gabriel, March 10, 2012

All Is As It Should Be, So Do Not Worry
Message From The Acended Masters, March 7, 2012

Speak Your Truth and Stand In The Light With Joy
Message From Hilarion, March 4, 2012

Each Choice and Thought You Hold Matters Deeply
Message From Spirit via Maureen Moss, March 3, 2012

Forgive Yourself For Any Setbacks
Message From Hilarion, February 26, 2012

Spread Your Light Wherever You Go
Message From SaLuSa February 22, 2012

Humans Are Undergoing Many Adjustments and Transformations
Message From Hilarion, February 19, 2012

Continue To Sound The Note Of Peace, Love and Joy
Message From Operation Terra, January 21 2005

Be Sensitive To The Voice Within
Message from Vrillon of Ashtar Galactic, November 26, 1977

Use Discernment
     I have the strong feeling that not all members of this group claiming to be the Galactic Federation of Light may be the benevolent beings whom they claim to be. I have been reading all of their messages posted on the 2012 Scenario website for over the last five or six weeks, and recently my alarm bells really started sounding off regularly with these particular channeled messages and all their promises. In the case of this message by Greg Giles  [Galactic Federation of Light, March 17 2012] several key items stick out:
   A) The V-shaped boomerang craft may be associated with secret U.S. government operations, the Hudson Valley sightings, and the Phoenix Lights of 1997.
   B) "Many of you will be boarding these ships" instead of using the phrase "Many of you may choose of your own free will to board these ships."
   C) "There are some of you at this time who fear Cabal operated craft, and we assure you that the Cabal will not be permitted to interfere with our plans at disclosure and our personal working relationship with you."
Why would they bring this up unless this GFL knew that many researchers were on to the fact that these craft are associated with the Cabal? Of course the Cabal would not interfere if people were foolish enough to walk right into craft associated with secret government operations. That would be their goal.
   D) "Those of you who are interested in working with us have absolutely nothing to be concerned about in regards to any trickery at the hands of the Cabal." A disclaimer. Really? And why shouldn't we be concerned? What have you proven to us so far? Why wouldn't you engage in several months of a long series of open and public Q & A from all citizens before you asked us to stroll into your control on your ships?
   E) "We will step up our recruitment program." This also sounds very militaristic in tone, not something I would expect to hear from ascended masters. Shady gurus try to recruit disciples; genuine masters allow the student to find the teacher at their own proper time.
   Therefore, I suggest one be very, very cautious in approaching these ships, let alone entering without long weeks of preceding talks and much proof given by these beings. Remaining open and positive is one thing, but being foolish and gullible is another.

Another controversial post
channel Greg Giles March 28, 2012