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The Illuminati Project
edited by Allen Benz

This page is dedicated to all the
brave defectors and dedicated researchers
who have made the sharing of this information possible

Allen Benz

Allen Benz short biography

Allen Benz was born in St. Louis, Missouri, where he spent his first ten years, and then moved to San Diego where he resided for the next fifteen years. Benz finished K-8, went to high school, undergraduate and two years of grad school in San Diego. Then, Benz went to the University of Missouri for a Master's degree in Library Science. His first job as a librarian was in Twin Falls, Idaho followed by subsequent library jobs in Cleveland, Ohio. Following Cleveland, Benz relocated to Tucson, Arizona, where he took a position as staff librarian for the world famous Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), under the direction of Jim and Coral Lorenzen. Since then, Benz has been a dedicated researcher of UFO and conspiracy material, focusing the last decade on uncovering the mysteries of the secret societies including the Illuminati, and their negative impact on humanity. He is the lead organizer of the World UFO Group organization.


1. Title Page (downloadable)!113&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!117&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

2. Table of Contents (downloadable)
[re-printed in its entirety here for your ease of use]!114&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!118&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

3. Explanatory Comments (downloadable)
    or Why Are Things Arranged This Way?

     In putting together the material concerning the Illuminati, I (Allen Benz) made the decision that, as much as possible, I would let the original researcher(s) tell their particular story/stories in the own words and style.
     What I have done is, generally, put their material in 12 point Arial.  
     If I want to basically emphasize a portion of their material, I have put it in 14 point Century Gothic. Depending on how much I want to emphasize this material, it may go up to about an 18 point Century Gothic. It could also be bolded, italicized and underlined. It could be put in a different type color and / or highlighted.
     These documents are not designed to be read cover to cover like a regular article or book. It is rather designed to be used as a reference or research guide to this material.
     This is still THEIR material; however, I, am just emphasizing certain parts that, I, think are important. Whether the original author(s) would agree with my particular emphases, is another matter, entirely.
     If I want to insert some of my own comments into their material, I have put that into Lucida Console typestyle. It will be bolded, italicized, in a larger point size and will also be in [brackets].
     Proper names are bolded
     The names of groups (Rosicrucians, Christians, and Freemasons) are italicized.
     The titles of books and magazines are underlined.

4. Elite (downloadable)

Summary: In political and sociological theory, the elite (French élite, from Latin eligere) are a small group of powerful people who hold a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege, political power, or skill in a society.

5. Elite Theory (downloadable)

Summary: In political science and sociology, elite theory is a theory of the state that seeks to describe and explain power relationships in contemporary society. The theory posits that a small minority, consisting of members of the economic elite and policy-planning networks, holds the most power—and this power is independent of democratic elections.

6. Power Elite (downloadable)

Summary: The power elite is a small group of people who can control a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege, and access to decision-making of global consequence. The power elite is described as consisting of members of the corporate community, academia, politicians, media editors, military service personnel, and high-level journalists.

7. C. Wright Mills (downloadable)

Summary: Mills was an American sociologist who is well-known for his study of the structures of power and class in the United States in his book, "The Power Elite."
 [ ] Mills was concerned with the responsibilities of intellectuals in post-World War II society, and advocated public political engagement over disinterested observation. The book "The Powwer Elite" (1956) describes the relationship between the political, military and economic elite, noting that these people share a common world view.

8. Power Elite Exposed (downloadable)

Summary: The Power Elite have been exposed by different people such as C. Wright Mills, Richard Nixon, Dennis Cuddy Ph.D, and others.

9. Overview of Secret Societies (downloadable)

Summary: These pages highlight a number of secret society groups, including the Hellfire Club and The Order of The Quest.

List of Secret Societies (downloadable)

       Partial list of secret societies "abstract" (downloadable)

Mafia (downloadable)

    9A.Everything Under Control - jpeg image (downloadable)

    9B. Illuminati Pyramid.jpeg (downloadable)

    9C. Overview of Specific Groups - doc. (downloadable)!352&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!120&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    9D. Secret Society Networks from The Atlantean Conspiracy - pdf (downloadable)

    9E. Illuminati Network - jpeg (downloadable)

    9F. Who Runs The World - pdf (downloadable)

    9G. Bill Cooper on Secret Societies - pdf (downloadable)

    9H. Wes Penre on Secret Societies - pdf (downloadable)

    9I.  Real Rulers of the World NOT FOUND (downloadable)

10. Why Study the Illuminati (downloadable)

     Why Study the Illuminati [abstract]

Summary: The conspiratorial interpretation of history is based on people making observations from the outside, gathering evidence, and coming to the conclusion that, from the outside, they see a conspiracy. Their evidence and conclusions are based on evidence gathered in retrospect. A speaker in 1969, on the inside, admitted that, indeed, there was an organized power who wielded enough influence to determine major events around the world.

    10A.Fritz Springmeier - 13 Bloodlines - Introduction (downloadable)!421&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!121&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    10B.Why Cover The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines (downloadable)!420&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!121&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    10C. Is There A Power, A Force or Group of Men Organizing and Directing Things (downloadable)!1371&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!121&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    10D. John Todd (Collins) on The Conspiratorial Nature of the Illuminati (downloadable)

    10E. Overlords of Chaos - NWO Quotes - Carroll Quigley (downloadable)!424&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!121&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    10F. Quotes by Various People on the Illuminati (downloadable)!422&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!121&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    10G. Secret Society Network (downloadable)

    10H. Understanding The Reptilian Mind (downloadable)

     10I Masonic Pyramid gif (downloadable)

11. Makow on The Illuminati (downloadable)

Summary: Henry Makow, PhD, is a Canadian-based researcher and writer on contemporary culture and secret societies. He is the author of several books, including a multi-volume set on the Illuminati, including, "Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked The World," "Illuminati 2: Deceit and Seduction," and "Illuminati 3: Satanic Possession."

    11A.`"A Conspiracy To Monstrous To Believe" (downloadable)!427&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!122&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    11B. Archive by subject - (downloadable)

    11C. Highest Illuminati Defector - Rothschilds Rule With Druid Witches (downloadable)!428&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!122&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    11D. Illuminati is trying to frame MI-5 / MI-6 For Princess Diana's Murder (downloadable)

    11E.Illuminati Reveal Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda (downloadable)

    11F. Illuminati Who's Who Linked To Raelians (downloadable)

    11G. Is Raelian Cult Signaling Illuminati Intentions (downloadable)

    11H. Network News (downloadable)

    11I. See Through Illuminati Eyes (downloadable)

    11J. The Conspiracy Is Against God video 3:17 (downloadable)

     11K. Tracking the Illuminai on Facebook (downloadable)

12. Who are the Illuminati (downloadable)

       Who Are The Illuminati [abstract] (downloadable)

        Abstract of who are the Illuminati (downloadable)


    12A. 13 Bloodlines (14 entries) (downloadable)

    12B. America's Prominent Families NOT FOUND (downloadable)

             Anti-Social Personality Disorder (downloadable)

             Anunnaki see The Anunnaki (downloadable)

    12C. Aztec History and Culture, 6 items (downloadable)

             Aztec human sacrifice, 2 items

    12D. Celts NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12E. CIA Covenant - Nazis in Washington, D.C. NOT FOUND  (downloadable)

    12F. Clif High on Jeff Rense Program - Nov. 03, 2009 - mp3 NOT FOUND  (downloadable)

    12G. Deities in Mythology (110 items) (downloadable)

    12H. Dialogue With Hidden Hand NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12I. Everything Under Control - jpeg (downloadable)

    12J. "Eyes Wide Shut" motion picture, 26 items (downloadable)

            Family, The pdf (downloadable)

    12K. Fritz Springmeier - Radio Interview - Jan. 4, 1998 (downloadable)

             Google Video: The Illuminati 1 hr 54 min

    12L. Illuminati Conspiracy - A Precise Exegesis - Terry Melanson NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12M. Illuminati History - 1901 - 1970 NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12N. Illuminati Members - Partial List NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12O .Illuminati Psy Op [psychological operation] NOT FOUND (downloadable)

            Orson Welles' - WAR OF THE WORLDS NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12P. Jardine Matheson Holdings, Ltd. NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12Q. JFK and Executive order 11110 (see Kennedy bloodline) NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12R. Masonic Structure NOT FOUND (downloadable)

             Moriah Conquering The World (downloadable)

    12S. Nahua people - Wikipedia NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12T. NWO Organization Chart NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12U. Operation Paperclip - Linda Hunt NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12V. Pamphili at Wikipedia NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12X. Plato - The Illuminati Are Devout Followers of Plato, 13 articles (downloadable)

    12Y. Predators Who Rule The World - Siv O'Neall NOT FOUND (downloadable)

            Real Rulers of the World - jpeg NOT FOUND (downloadable)

            Sadistic Personality Disorder

    12Z. Terrorism and the Illuminati a 3000 year history NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12AA. The Anunnaki pdf (downloadable)

    12AB. The Degree System of the Illuminati - Robison NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12AC. The Evil Earthly Organization of the Illuminati NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12AD. The Family NOT FOUND (downloadable)

                The Illuminati: Who Are Theses People? (downloadable)

    12AE. The Lost Tribe of Dan NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12AF.  Mafia, The (2 pdfs) (downloadable)

    12AG. The Matrix (downloadable)

                The Matrix pdf (downloadable)

    12AH. The Secret Order of the Illuminati - Wes Penre NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12AI. UFOs and the Bible - Genesis 6 and the Nephilim NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    12AJ. Who Runs The World NOT FOUND (downloadable)

13. Where Do They Come From? (downloadable)


    13A. Anunnaki NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    13B. Atlantis, 23 items (downloadable)

    13C. Indus Valley Civilization, 8 items (downloadable)

    13D. Journey of Mankind, 2 items (downloadable)

    13E. Merovingians  NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    13F. Occult, 3 items (downloadable)

    13G. Reptilians, 2 items (downloadable)

             Draco constellation.jpg (downloadable)

    13H. Sumerian Civilization, 4 items (downloadable)

    13I. Illuminati and the 4th Dimension NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    13J. Inelia Benz interview by Bill Ryan of Project Avalon NOT FOUND (downloadable)

14. What Are the Illuminati's Goals?, 17 items + 3 folders (downloadable)


    14A. Articles (downloadable)

             David Icke (downloadable)

             Disney Mind Control Trauma (downloadable)

            Researcher Fritz Springmeier framed and imprisoned by Illuminati    (downloadable)

            Illuminati Attack Thailand (downloadable)

            Top 13 Families of the Iluminati (downloadable)

            Illuminati Tree jpeg (downloadable)

            The Media: The Most Effective Tool of the Illuminati (downloadable)

            Myron on Illuminati Agenda [Word doc BROKEN)

    14A1. Iron Mountain Report (downloadable)

    14A2. John Coleman (downloadable)

    14A3. Marrs, Coleman & Stone on the Goals of the Illuminati  (downloadable)!917&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!125&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    14A4. Myron Fagan NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14A5. Nick Sandberg (downloadable)!920&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!125&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    14A6. Svali (downloadable)!922&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!125&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    14A7. Texe Marrs (downloadable)!918&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!125&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    14B. Central Banking, 11 items + 1 folder (downloadable)

    14B1. Federal Reserve System, 14 items + 2 folders (downloadable)

              Continual Failure of Federal Reserve, 81 items (downloadable)

              Federal Reserve Owners' Charts, 6 items (downloadable)

    14B2. Brief History of Banking NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14B3. Bank of International Settlements - Organization Charts NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14B4. Central Bank - Wikipedia NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14C. Depopulation of Earth, 10 items (downloadable)

    14C1. Agendas, 9 items (downloadable)

    14C2. Colbert, Stephen FOLDER EMPTY (downloadable)

    14C3. Georgia Guidestones (downloadable)

    14C4. Global 2000 (downloadable)

    14C5. Kissinger, Henry (downloadable)

    14C6. Limits To Growth (downloadable)

    14C7. National Security System Memo April 1974 (downloadable)

    14C8. Pianka, Eric (downloadable)

    14C9. Prince Philip (downloadable)

    14C10. Royal Commission on Population (UK) FOLDER EMPTY (downloadable)

    14D. Human Experimentation NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14D1. GAO Report - Human Experimentation NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14D2. Human Experimentation NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14D3. Human Subject Research NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14E.   Human Sacrifice NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14E1. Cannibalism NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14E2. Infanticide NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14E3. Ritual Deaths NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14E4. Sacrifice, Adult NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14F.   Mind Control, 24 items + 8 folders (downloadable)

              Josef Mengele (downloadable)

              Gabriela Rico Mind Control case (downloadable)

    14F1. BLUE BEAM NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14F2. GLOSSARY NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14F3. MKULTRA, 8 items (downloadable)

    14F4. MONARCH, 8 items + 1 folder (downloadable)

    14F5. MONTAUK NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    14F6. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)  and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), 5 items (downloadable)

    14G. Satanic Ritual Abuse NOT FOUND (downloadable)


15. Defectors Speak Out (downloadable)


    15A. Bentkowski, Kent (downloadable)

    15B. Bonacci, Paul (downloadable)

    15C. Cleminson, Mark (downloadable)      

    15D. DeNicola, Christine (downloadable)

             Esoteric Kitten (downloadable)

    15E. Hamlett, Caroline NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    15F. Marquis, Don (downloadable)

    15G. Mary Ann (downloadable)

    15H. Mullen, Claudia (downloadable)

    15I. O'Brien, Cathy (downloadable)

    15J. Polin, Vicki (downloadable)

    15K. Rothschild, Philip Eugene (downloadable)

    15L. Rutz, Carol (downloadable)

    15M. Shriner, Sherry (downloadable)

    15N. Svali, 44 items (downloadable)

    15O. Taylor, Brice (downloadable)

    15P. Todd (Collins), John, 10 items (downloadable)

    15Q. Various Singers on Illuminati in Music Industry  NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    15R. Wheeler, Cisco (downloadable)

    15S. Wilder, Arizona, 11 items (downloadable)

    15T. Zagami, Leo, 6 items (downloadable)

16. The Illuminati and UFOs (downloadable)


             Alien Implants (downloadable)!926&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!127&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

              Alien Programming (downloadable)!927&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!127&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    16A. Ancient Aliens NOT FOUND (downloadable)

             Ancient Indian Spacecraft (downloadable)

    16B. Ben Rich of Lockheed (downloadable)

             Gnostic Texts and Aliens (downloadable)

    16C. Implants and Programming NOT FOUND (downloadable)

    16D. James Casbolt (downloadable)

    16E. JASON Society and MJ-12 (downloadable)!934&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!127&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    16F. The I Project NOT FOUND (downloadable)

            Intro to UFOs and Montauk (downloadable)

             Secret Societies, UFOs and Tesla Technology (downloadable)!935&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!127&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

             Sherry Shriner on DNA and Reptilian Agenda NOT FOUND (downloadable)

             Tesla Technology Suppressed by the Illuminati (downloadable)!937&parId=50700C28EC533CF6!127&authkey=!ADgiV9w9qjSeUCw&app=Word

    16G. UFOs and the Bible (downloadable)

             Seraphim, Cherubin and Ezekiel's Wheels (downloadable)

             UFOs and the Military-Industrial Complex video (downloadable)


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