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November 25, 2012
More Remarkable UFOs Near Sun November 23, 2012

UFOs Near Sun November 23 2012
Click on image above or this link for five minute video

August26, 2012
Unidentified Objects Near Sun
    A number of excellent SOHO images of unidentified objects near the Sun have been emerging over the last several years, collected and gathered by independent researchers from NASA websites, images that may have slipped past the watchful eyes of paid government employees whose job it is to whitewash such events, including the use of NASA tactics like airbrushing out, delayed release of live feeds to the public, and blatant falsifications and censorship.
     Researcher Vernon Blackledge of Louisiana has contributed links to some of these source images and videos, and sent them to UFO Hypotheses in an effort to make the public aware of these objects and anomolies.
    Here is a link to SOHO Near Real Time Data so you can keep watch for yourself, but note that it is "near real time," meaning slightly delayed release.

UFO Above Sun Since

UFO Near Sun A-01

                      Near Sun A-02 Sept 14 2010
UFO Near Sun A-03

UFO Near Sun A-04

UFO Near Sun

                      Near Sun July 13 2012

August26, 2012
More Triangular Objects Inside Sun
    These photos were just photographed by SOHO five days ago: August 21, 2012.
                      Anamolies from SOHO NASA August 21 2012

August27, 2012
Rectangular Object Upon The Sun
    More SOHO images of the Sun are demonstrating a rectangular object of
tremendous size near the very surface of the Sun. Whether or not it rests above, upon, or is embedded in the surface of the Sun is difficult to know. Of particular interest are the sharp ninety degree angles that suggest a manufactured object.
These images were captured from this video sequence.

The Sun Square 01

The Sun Square Close Up

The Sun Square 03

and Solar Activity

Solar Flare Data Sources
Resource: Space Weather Prediction Center
Article: Basics regarding Solar Flares
Video: Extreme Solar Flares

June 4, 2012
Huge Triangular Object Inside Sun

Click above image of Sun Triangle for six-minute video report

March 13, 2012
Huge Unidentified Object Next to Sun

Massive UFO Next to Sun March 11 2012
   An almost inconceivably large unidentifed object was filmed on March 11, 2012 next to the Sun, adjoined with a long plasmic tether to our closest star, just days after a huge X 5.4 Solar flare. This story broke on Before It's News by YouTube site
Sunsflare. Click on the image above to see his analysis.
Below is a closeup of that object.

Close Up of UFO near Sun March 11 2012
   The same reporter uploaded a follow-up video to this amazing event, where the spherical UFO object the size of a planet appears to withdraw the plasmic tendrails, detaching itself from the Sun, which is followed by a coronal mass ejection.
   NASA's explanation, provided by Alex Young of their Goddard Center, tries to convince those interested that this is a normal type of solar phenomena. Young claims that the spherical object and filament erupt, but in the follow-up video above, only the sun surface erupts in a coronal mass ejection (CME), not the spherical object nor the connecting filament.Young tries to convinve the viewer that a spherical object like this is "quite common," and is a "coronal cavity," but none of his examples even come close to matching what is represented in Sunsflare's videos. NASA's examples are faint at best, and in my view, unconvincing. This clearly defined spherical object is not a coronal cavity.

Clearly Defined Spherical Object Not A
                      Coronal Cavity
Clearly defined sphercial object
seen in this video from Disclose TV

(click on lower right corner rectangle for expanded view)

   What follows in this capsule report is highly speculative in nature, and comes from an alleged contactee with a being from Andromeda, and was posted four days earlier than this incident on March 7th in their 75th posting of information since 2010. From that text: "Friends, the sun is under direct influence of the system Nibiru and Pleiadians planet that orbits the sun in orbits slightly larger than Mercury. The Krulians [who, according to this ET source, are a highly advanced benevolent ET race, aligned with the Andromedans and Pleiadians] were discharged the function of relieving stress from the sun and let nature take its course, its mothership is orbiting close to the sun, waiting for instructions. Everything done so far has been to avoid the anticipation of the governments of mass culling of populations." For complete transcripts of all 75 postings by this contactee, visit this link.

   In conclusion, this solar event is not typical or normal in any way as NASA would have us believe, but what exactly is occurring may even be beyond the understanding of our most advanced sciences.

Important Solar Disturbance Updates
March 8, 2012
Active sunspot AR1429 continues to grow. It is now more than seven times wider than Earth. Observations have noted that the region remains vast and magnetically complex.
Forecasts from the NOAA: "The geomagnetic field is expected to be active initially on day 1 (08 March) but is expected to increase to major storm levels with a likelihood for isolated severe storm levels after the arrival of the CME from today's X5/full halo event. The arrival time is estimated to be sometime between 0600-1000Z. Minor to major storm levels are expected to continue partway (6-12 hours) into the second day (09 March), but a decline to predominantly active levels is expected for the remainder of the day. Predominantly unsettled levels are expected for the third day (10 March)."

Sunspot 1429 X5-4 on March 6 2012
Click on image to launch YouTube view of X 5.4 Solar Flare

March 7, 2012
   A tremendous size solar flare occurred on March 7, from Sunspot 1429, rating an X5.4., temporarily blinding a probe orbiting Venus.

November 15, 2011
   A 1,000,000 kilometer long solar filament of magnetism, one of the longest such filaments on record, had a small eruption that catapulted a plasma cloud into space. The greater concern is that this tremendous filament could collapse and fall onto the surface of the Sun, creating a Hyder flare that could head in Earth's direction.

Solar Filament November 2011
CLICK on this to play footage
of the filament snapping and erupting on
November 14, 2011
Another plasma wall may also erupt on another area of the Sun.

October 24, 2011
   On October 24th, a large CME impacted Earth's magnetic field, and exposed satellites to solar winds, while additionally sparking geomagnetic storms that appeared as red skies all over Canada and the U.S,  shortly after the 7.6 earthquake in Turkey.
  This may once again suggest a link between solar flares and seismic activity, as the solar flares are visible in the Earth's skies shortly after the original coronal mass ejections, but may have already excited the molten interior parts of the Earth, before we see evidence of the CMEs in our skies.

CME October 24 2011

October 21, 2011

Video Analysis:
Jupiter-Aligning Earthquakes and Solar Flares

  (posted October 21, 2011)
Video Analysis: October 28, 2011- A Day of Extreme Energy
  (posted October 17, 2011)
This analysis is important because it examines various types of evidence that suggest that there may be a higher incidence of solar flare activity, seismic and volcanic activity on October 28, 2011 and days surrounding that date.

October 9, 2011
Satellite disruption affects Canada

October 3, 2011
The Sun is in a Period of Very High Intensity CME Activity
A newly discovered comet
plunged on September 30, 2011 into the Sun, followed immediately by a massive solar explosion. SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) was able to record the hours leading up to the comet's disintegration. This followed the 24 hour period of  Sept 18-19 when six CMEs (coronal mass ejections) were unleashed by the Sun, and one prevailing theory but naysayed by NASA suggests a link between this activity and Comet Elenin [see Systems in Conflict.] If you are noticing any differences in the brightness or intensity of
the sun, this may have something to do with that sensitivity you are experiencing, as well as the depletion of the ozone layer accelerating.
Solar scientists are at a  loss to explain how a comet could trigger such a massive explosion  like another comet did in interacting with the Sun on July 5, 2011.  The evidence suggests that comets can cause magnetic instability  that triggers CMEs, commonly known as solar flares. [Click on Solar Flares for additional information.]

Comet Crashes Into Sun
CLICK on this to play footage
of the mysterious comet that triggered
a magnetic explosion by the Sun

News: Sept 26, 2011 Earth Blasted by Intense Geomagnetic Storm
News: Sept 26, 2011 Massive Sunspot 1302
News: Sept 9, 2011 Old Faithful Sunspot 1283and Class X CMEs

Solar Cycle Number 24 (current cycle lasting through 2013)
5.4 X-Class Flare March 7, 2012 from Sunspot 1429, Article
  1.9 X-Class Flare: Nov 3, 2011 from Sunspot 1339, the diameter of which is 17 times larger than the Earth. Article
  1.9 X-Class Flare: Sept 24, 2011 Article
On September 24 sunspot group 1302 produced a larger X1.9 flare.
  1.8 X-Class Flare: Sept 22, 2011
On September 22 there was a major X1.4 class solar flare at 1100 UTC, with a large CME.
  1.8 X-Class Flare: Sept 7, 2011 Article
  2.1 X-Class Flare: Sept 6, 2011 Video  Video Article
  6.9 X-Class Flare: August 9, 2011 Article
  1.5 X-Class Flare: March 9, 2011 NASA Article
  2.2 X-Class Flare: February 15, 2011
Opinion: Elenin, Solar Flares and Psi-Spy Ed Dames

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